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Monday, June 11, 2007

Blame Dennis for no videos yet....

.....and blame Lisa for no photos!

I have lots to post about but no videos or photos to go along. So that is just boring!

Dennis had to go away on short notice to New York so he has not had a chance to sit down and transfer the videos to the computer to post on You Tube. Now if he would just show me how......but then he would be afraid he wouldn't be useful to me anymore!

And Lisa took photos of Zen's wins last weekend and has to bring her camera over to transfer them. SIGH!

But OBay shelties have had a great two weekends. To summarize:

  • Hex went advanced (oops excuse me...Grade 7 which just doesn't sound as exciting) at Hinkley Agility Show. Hex is amazing me with her wins as I don't even think she is fast! I guess I am wrong!
  • Zen WON the medium CHAMPIONSHIP at Hinkley! This is her first Champ win since she finished her championship last summer as I pulled her from all Champs last year after her 3rd win. And then she came in season this year and missed two champ shows. So if felt really good to run in Champs and win again! Zen is just ridiculously fun to run.
  • Chi won the RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP Ticket at Thames Agility! This was the first time Chi has made it into a Champ finals and he ran perfectly! Chi definitely has the potential to become an Agility Champion.
  • We picked up and used our new caravan at Thames this weekend! It was so much nicer being at the agility show with a nice place to relax afterwards.

I will go into more boring details when I get videos and photos to go along with it!


Lian said...

Super well done to all the OBays!

Karen said...

FANTASTIC keep it up guys !!

Val said...

Congratulations to all the Obay Shelties. love from the Border Collie Buddies and Val

Anonymous said...

Well Done - what a Fab time you are having :)

Lorna and Cadbury x

helenm said...

Many congratulations on Zen's ticket win and congrats to Lisa on Chi's reserve ticket.Its no mean feat to beat all those collies!