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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Gorgeous Girls at Hinkley!

Moving on from Supa Dogs agility week.....

The Saturday after Supadogs we went to the Hinkley Championship show for the first time. Well it was a good thing we tried that show! It is a brilliant show with really good ground to run on and a positive atmosphere. I am glad we made the trip up even though it meant a night at a B&B. It wasn't worth camping there as there were only classes for Zen on Saturday and none on Sunday. The Bed and Breakfast was Victoria Farms and it is dog friendly which is always a plus! Very nice people there and the rooms are clean and comfortable if not fancy. Oh and the full english breakfast was lovely!

The show was so successful for us in so many ways. Zen getting another Champ ticket, Hex going advanced, Chi winning the Champ agility qualifier and Indy winning the Champ Jumping qualifier. I am so proud of them all....even if they don't run clear they always put in a good effort. None of these dogs need to be dragged around the ring or begged to work...they live for agility! And that is what makes them so fun to run. I am blessed with my dogs.

Here is a photo of Zen with her 4th Championship Agility Ticket and her trophy. She was a good girl! It was so nice to win under Andy even though his courses were way too front cross crazy! hehe

And here are some videos of Hex and Zen from Hinkley. Dennis picked the music!


Lian said...

Congratulations to Hex for going Advanced! Watch out the space, small dogs!

Congratulations to Zen for another ticket!

Well done Bernadette!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

GRATZ & a huge wootie woo! to the Obay girlies - most impressive :)