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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Puppy sitting

I spend Tuesday night and wednesday puppy sitting at Lesley O's place. The pups are only one week old so there is really not much to do. I got the easy job. Lyn and Les are watching the pups when they are around 5-6 weeks old. HAHAHA Little do they know!

I was planning on attending the Susan Garrett jumping seminar on Tuesday. But whent the alarm clock went off at 4:30 am I just couldn't do it. The thought of driving 3 hours at that time of the morning by myself was not attractive at that point. Plus I would have had to leave early to get to Lesley's by 5. It just seemed like too much for one day and a recipe for disaster with me tired in the car. I know I will be kicking myself that I missed it but hopefully she will be back.

Lesley's house is surrounded by nothing but fields. My idea of heaven. Dogs can bark and no one can hear or complain. But.....that little guard dog rottie of hers....Bling barked the whole night! Little witch! But I must admit she is awfully cute and I could see myself with a dog like that. Just watch out anybody who tells me I cannot park where I want when I have a butch dog like Bling! hehehe

Beanie is the perfect mother very attentive and sensible; so I had lots of time to do some writing, reading and paperwork. Even better I had time to take Hex and Zen for nice long walks in the fields. It is great to be able to just walk out the door and walk anywhere. We did little bits of agility but not too much.

In the afternoon I took Zen for her swimming appointment at the Doggie Pool down the road from Lesley. This is her 5th time swimming there and although she tolerates it she does not love it as much as Hex does. They suggested I bring Hex in to help Zen get more relaxed which was really nice. I just adore Hex she is up for anything. I popped her in the pool and she swam around, grabbed a toy and proceeded to do laps around the pool. Zen looked at her like she was crazy but started swimming with a little more enthusiasm!

This pool is raised above ground which Hex first found confusing. The pool that Hex learned to swim in is set in the ground so that she can dive in and out on her own. Yesterday after I took Hex out of the pool to give her a rest; she ran around looking to see how to get back in. She realized there was no ramp, so she put her feet up and looked over the top. Once she realized it was above her head she took a flying leap, perched on edge and decided that was the way to get in! That's my Hex always gettting what she wants!

How can I not post some puppy photos? Here are two of the three black and white pups. Nine pupppies total! Damn Lesley is lucky!

And one of the 6 red and white puppies. Awww!


Sarah and Leslie said...

Sounds like you had fun, i know what you mean about the open spaces! The pups are cute but Bling is gorgeous, what a lovely picture.

Karen said...

Bling is lovely and how cute are those beanie babies !