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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hex's new Bling-Bling wardrobe

Like any posh girl Hex has to have a special wardrobe. She just got her new Bling collar and she wore it for the first time at the agility show this weekend. We have gone thru ALOT of collars for Hex. At first I got her a nice red Bling Collar but it was not right for her. Then I tried a nice pink Bling collar and that was not right either. None of them really suited her. In reality there is only one color for Hex...BLACK! So we tried an inexpensive black rhinestone collar. It was OK but it just did not suit her either. Finally we found the perfect agility collar for her at Pet Needs. It is a lovely black leather with swarovski crystal and has a matching lead. She looks great in it!

I spoke with the guy who makes the collars and explained that I wanted a flat tag rivetted onto the collar. In agility they are allowed to wear collars but cannot have dangley (is that a word?) tags attached. The flat rivet-on tag has our mobile number engraved on it in case of emergency. It makes me feel better having a phone number on the dogs collars. Having done sheltie rescue for so long makes me aware of just how often shelties can get lost. A lost sheltie goes into a panic and can run for miles. Collars with tags are the one way you are almost sure to get your dog back if it is found. Microchips only work if the person knows to get the dog scanned. Luckily most people will check a collar for a tag and call if your dog is found.

Hex does have her special collar and lead given to her by Dennis. Her Harley Davidson "Bad to the Bone" lead and collar will be saved for a special occasion. Maybe her first trip to the World Team tryouts or The World Agility Championships?


Lian said...

She really is a POSH girl, isn't she? With Swarovski Crystal, she has to be so special!!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Hex looks very plsed with her bling

Karen said...

very jelous love the new bling but love more the bad to the bone, todd wants a fat boy one !!!