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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Horses, Eggs and Caravans

What we do on Easter...to my father's horror it wasn't going to church......sorry Dad!

One of the best things I like about agility in the UK is the camping. It is so nice to set up the caravan and "garden" and have all the comforts of home. Of course this weekend it helped that the weather was glorious!

The dogs become very relaxed and comfortable. I think we all perform better at the shows where we camp. We can easily bring all the dogs and get a chance to take them out for socialization and walks. I think Pax and Jordan especially enjoy getting out since they don't compete anymore.

We got to the showgrounds on Friday and had time to set up and relax before the agility show on Saturday and Sunday. Even better we stayed until Monday so no rush to break down the caravan and leave Sunday night. We had a nice time camping next to Andy and Nancy and little Kizzy. It is nice to sit around after the show and chat while drinking and eating. What could be better? Talking dogs and agility and a nice glass or two of red wine! I had a chance to groom Kizzy's ears and spend some time with her. We let Zen and Kizzy play together. Zen isn't so impressed with her children at this moment but she did allow Kizzy near her and let her run around while playing ball.

On Monday (which was a holiday in England) there was a Horse parade. They had fantastic horses and carriages/carts all going by our caravan! We had front row seats. You can see that Hob-b was interested yet not worried in the least. She is such a sweetie and is fun to take anywhere.

Here are some photos of the horses.

At the end of the weekend we had lots of ribbons and crystal. Even better we won Chocolate easter eggs! Zen is wondering....if she did the winning......why doesn't she get the chocolate?


Johanna said...

Awww...Hob-let looks adorable :o) She loves everything that goes on as long as she is included in the fun - when she was in Denmark she was tested for gun sensitivity - next to half a dozen rottweilers and a couple of German Shephards. The judge smiled when he spotted her in the lineup - Hob-b didn't bat an eyelid !!!! Johanna

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Great Grandma Jenking remembers those horse & carrages for real you know!!