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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Welcome Back Team OBay: Crufts preview 2013

Well well well; it has been a year! A busy year and a happy year. I will take my time to catch up; no reason to rush in one post! Let's start at the best, biggest and most prestigious dog show in the world: CRUFTS 2013!

I really tried to stretch out my fun at Crufts this year. We were competing on Friday with Zen in Medium ABC and Cruft Singles and on Sunday with Zen and Zaz in Agility Championships. Dennis came with me this year so we drove up and down each day. An early 4 am start for a 3 hour drive but it meant that the dogs and I could come home on Saturday and chill. Here is Zen and I on the first day at our bench. Our motto for Crufts 2013: Keep Calm and Believe! All our good luck cards and our special Crufts pink and white sheltie plaque came along for good luck!

It was fun having Dennis with me again; I don't think he has been at Crufts for many years. He enjoyed himself running around, visiting stalls and taking photos and videos with his new toy. A Samsung Galaxy camera. This camera was great at Crufts where we could video the dog's runs and immediately upload to Facebook for friends to see! It took really nice photos as well and we could email them to family to share the day as it happened. As you can guess Dennis had more fun than usual at a dog show!


We had fun playing around the Samsung booth. Giz-mo came along and not only attracted attention with his cuteness but helped me send to send email love postcards to Dennis. Cuteness overload!  It is appropriate that Giz-mo's registered name is  OBay Boyz Toyz!

Samsung is a Crufts partner and what a great match for the dog world! Not only have I been using their camera and TV to record and watch our Crufts experiences but I have found out that Samsung is working hard with dog charities.

And more locally they have created a Facebook app where you can adopt a virtual rescue dog. You can choose your own virtual dog and interact with it to make sure it has everything it needs to be happy and healthy – from taking it for a walk to buying it a new ball. For every virtual dog ‘adopted,’ Samsung will make a contribution towards a vital health check for a Blue Cross rescue dog. To ‘adopt’ a virtual dog, all you have to do it ‘like’ the app, and give your virtual dog a name. How easy and fun is that? Check out Help-A-Dog-A-Thon

So between all our agility runs and Dennis playing around with his new toy there was not much time for much else. But somehow there is always time for shopping of course!

The best dog food company! Burns!

And seeing cool if slightly strange modes of transportation!

A preview of our Crufts weekend results! More to come with video!


Alett said...

Fantastic to read a post from you again, I have missed the blog and look forward to more!

Vonnie said...

was sitting cheering you on from the virtual screen :) Congrats and well done!

Margit S. said...


I was so happy when I saw some of your run at you tube from (winner)crufts!



Margit S. said...


I was really happy to see runs from you at crufts (winner) at you tube.
I am keen to read about your Crufts 2013!

Karissa said...

I enjoyed watching your runs (online) at Crufts this year! As I watched you, though, I thought to myself, "Why haven't I seen any blog posts from her in so long..." So, glad to see you back again and I look forward to further recaps!