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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crufts 2013: Zen-star in Crufts Singles

Zen also ran in Crufts Singles on Friday. Those runs were a bonus as I hadn't really expected to be running in singles. Again I think the weather played havoc with many 2012 shows and Zen qualified for the singles class without many points. Or  maybe Zen just wanted to enjoy Crufts with lots of runs!

I knew Zen had 3 of her pups entered at Crufts this year. Zaz and Zev were in the Champs and Zavvi was in medium team. 3 pups competing at Crufts alongside their mom is pretty amazing. So I had these cupcakes made up to celebrate!

Then on Saturday while watching livestream on Youtube I found out that Zen had another pup competing in small team! I wish I had known; I felt sad that Zoe's owner did not let me know. Luckily I got to watch on livestream and Zoe looked fab and put in two fantastic clear rounds to help her team come 2nd in the final! So that made FOUR Zen pups competing at Crufts 2013!

I was so pleased that the Medium Team event was held on the Friday as Zavvi was running in team for her first time at Crufts and I could be there to watch in person. Of course I forgot to get a photo of Zen and Zavvi together (and did the same on Sunday forgetting to get a family photo of Zen and her son Zev in Champ) but here is a photo of Zavvi with her teammates. Zavvi ran a lovely fast clear for her team but unfortunately they didn't make it to the finals. Team is a tough class at Crufts; you only get ONE run unless your team makes the final cut. That is a lot of time, money and effort for one run!


One of the best parts of my day on Friday was the greeting I got from Zavvi. Not that I am biased but she is such a lovely dog. Some of my pups act like they have forgotten who I am or don't really care about greeting me even if I see them on a regular basis. Others, like Zavvi, go crazy when they see me or hear my voice. Zavvi made me feel special that day.

Crufts Singles consists of two rounds (jumping and agility) on the day. The top 4 in medium then go through to the finals in the evening. Zen ran great but a pole down in the jumping put her out of contention for the final. I was disappointed but it meant we could head home early! Zen and I were both very tired by the end of Friday!

Here is her Crufts Singles Jumping.

And her Crufts Singles Agility.

After a long drive home we stopped at a fabulous pub for dinner (oh my goodness...they had sweet potato fries!)and  we were back home by 9pm. On Saturday I got up early to watch the livestream and spend the rest of the day trying to recuperate.  I don't  think Zen got out of bed all day!  We had to be up early again on Sunday to finish out Crufts 2013 with the best class of all: CHAMPIONSHIP!!

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Christine Wingate-Wynne said...

Brilliant Zen - star. I was thrilled we had the opportunity to run in the same class with her son my fabulous Zev :)

Zen, Happy retirement And thank you for producing Zev x