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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Toven The Full Monty: 14 tomorrow!

Some dogs can change your life in ways you cannot imagine.

Happy 14th Birthday to Monty!

Monty's first litter will be 10 next month and he now has children, grand-children and great grandchildren in many countries. Who knew that this little black boy would make such an impact on so many.

I am so grateful to the many people who have participated in Monty's life. Toni who bred him, gave him to me when he was a year old and let him make the trip to England. Johanna who allowed him to shine as a show dog, agility dog and a producer of fantastic puppies. And finally Marianne who helped Monty shine as a veteran agility dog and provides him love and attention in his retirement years. Monty is one sheltie loved by many!

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Anonymous said...

No Monty, I have no Kid.He is a Monty son. Kid´s full name is Sobelkustens Karate Kid and is born in Sweden. He is the most fantastic dog i have meet. No sad moments here.