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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Giz-mo The Dude

So Giz-mo is still here with us at nearly 15 weeks old. He may be 10 years old before I decide if he is truly staying with us. I know some people do not understand why I would "not" keep Giz-mo but I really do think carefully about each and every dog I keep. I do not want to get into the situation where I have too many dogs; I have seen it done too many times.

If Giz-mo was a girl he would definitely be staying. He is adorable, smart and funny. So for now he is staying and I am treating him the same as all my other pups. The question will be whether I can handle keeping an intact dog along with intact bitches. Time will tell.

For now he gets along great with all three girls; they love him one minute and just tolerate him the next.

Giz-mo has been learning his little party tricks as well as just being socialized. I try to take him everywhere with me. A few week ago he took a ride with me on the train into London. I carried him in a little bag onto the train and he took it all in his stride. I am glad he was in the bag as the trains were so crowded and I would have been worried about any dog just on a lead.

The day before I did some training to get him used to the little bag. He is such a neat dog to clicker train; he can be so serious about his jobs!

I hope to get some videos of his training to date up. For some reason I am having difficulty being motivated to video him; I think have been fed up with how people are charging money to watch You-tube videos of them training their own dogs! Sigh...


Diana said...

omg he is cute!!! And tiny, my 22 week old puppy looks masive compaired to him. LOL Funny how shelites put out such diffent size puppies.

Rosie Ison said...

Are people really charging money for people to watch youtube videos? how does that work ?? Not that Id ever even dream of it, how sad people are !
Gizmo is adorable. I love him :-) Such a clever puppy who wants to learn all the time. You can see him thinking things through.

Serena said...

Bernadette, what I love about little Gizmo, is that he always looks way wise beyond his little puppyhood. Maybe he should have been named Mini Obi-Wan, instead of Gizmo! What a cutie! and so reflective. Could be even gentler than any of the girlies I'm thinking....Absolutely adorable...