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Monday, November 14, 2011

FCI World Agility Championships Wrap-up

So I had lots of emotions building up while waiting to learn if we won a medal. Once the realization hit, I ran down to get Zaz for our lap of honour. Now I wished I had brushed my hair ect as I look a little frazzled! Important things took preference; I needed to change the label on Zaz's harness to her special victory label! You can just about see it here in the photo; it is her name in gold with a gold union jack. Now I am wondering if it looks more bronze and maybe that is why we didn't win the gold! Also I have no idea who wrapped the flag about me but we must have a chat about their bow making abilities; that darn bow kept hitting me in the face when we jogged around. LOL

Then I worried about the lap of honour. Would I fall down or step on Zaz? Would I run too slow? Yes really these are the things going through my head! I got lots of hugs and congratulations from people I did not even know and that felt great. And it was so nice to have the team and other supporters down on the floor with us to celebrate. It made it special. I felt strange being the center of attention. Other than when I am running my dogs I really don't like being the center of attention and my shyness comes out. Thank goodness I had Zaz with me!

I love this photo of me and Zaz with Lesley and Dennis. I couldn't have done it without them! Zaz looked so cute in this photo as if she were trying to hide.

Wow I even got a hug from Greg but he ruined it by saying I shouldn't get used to it.

After the excitement we settled down to watch the large dog individual final. Unfortunately none of our large dogs went clear but it was an exciting final. Then, unbelievably, it was time to pack up and get ready for the closing ceremony and getting on the podium!

Our small team had expected to get a trophy for our 2nd place in team jumping and we thought they would be doing those presentations first. As it turned out they never presented them! It was so disappointing and our KC rep actually had to go up after the ceremony and ask for our trophy. We were handed an ugly trophy that did not even have any engraving on it; it could have been a trophy for anything no less for 2nd place at our World Championships!

So instead, after the boring gift exchange between countries and the even more boring Dog Dancing routine, they started right in with the individual placings. Guess who was called first? Yikes I was not ready and never even had a chance to close my jacket. You could see me in the photo and my mind is racing thinking how can I zip my jacket while holding this trophy and not lose Zaz as well?

Or maybe I was wondering why we didn't actually get a "MEDAL"? I love my trophy (well love is a strong world but if you knew what we got for winning the Silver team in Norway you would understand why this year was a little better) but really wanted a medal around my neck! I know that sounds silly but I loved receiving the medals when we won at the WAO. There is just something about having it put around your neck that makes it feel real.

I also wanted a good podium photo but I am cursed in that respect! In almost all the photos I appear to have a third arm! I have no idea why Dave hid behind the flag or why both managers did not come up to the podium. It felt lonely up there!

And then it was over! The closing ceremony is always anticlimactic and, well yes, boring. Do we not all look excited?

So we achieved this year's World Champ goal of an individual medal....now to decide what to do next year!


Mary Jo Johnson said...

Really cool Bernadette. What a dream to get up on that podium! Funny about the third arm thing too!!!

Serena said...

I just love your Grande Finale photos, Bernadette, and hurray with you and little Zazzy all wrapped up and over-the-moon with joy and celebrations! and hehe, as for the snoozers below, perhaps they were just reflecting your comment about the "boring doggy dancing"...I agree in that I have never seen anyone truly dance with their dog. You really need both a gifted dog, talented trainer and a good dancer to have exciting good choreography. To this day I'm waiting for a professional retired dancer to come along and bring some beautiful sparkle to this sport. Even top HTM and freestyle are pretty excruciating for ballet dancers to watch, like nails on chalkboards, lol! Oh, too bad the Derrett photo was only a chest shot and not a good leg shot. I would have loved to have snuck in and sent an imaginary playful kick to his shin when he joked that you better not get too used to his hug...VBEG bwaha!

Again, so fabulous and hurray to you and Zaz...!!!

Tori Self said...

Oh could I BE any later to the party? Just wanted to extend a huge huge congratulations to you... wow wow wow!! What a fantastic adventure:) And wonderful photos!