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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update and Christmas 2011

So Olympia 2011 has come and gone. Zaz and I were paired with Helen and Piaf in the morning pairs event. That was fun and we won the pairs! Zaz copes well with the large crowds and noise; maybe too well as she is slightly out of her mind with excitement!! Very similar to momma Zen at the same event!

Our evening final did not quite go to plan. As the winners of the semi-final in August, Zaz and I ran last. Our run was over at the first jump when Zaz knocked the first bar. At that point I would have liked to have left the ring but at Olympia we have to keep going. The run went from bad to worse and let's say it was not our best run ever! Never mind; I took the best dog home anyway.

I do slightly lose the will to live having to wait around for 6 hours between events. There is only so much shopping I can do in the Olympia village and I hate leaving Zaz alone in her crate. Maybe I am just getting jaded; Olympia does not excite me anymore. Or maybe I am just bah-humbug.

There is only one thing that can bring some Christmas spirit to me and that is Christmas Giz-mo! Damn he is cute!

So what is in store for OBay Shelties for the New year? I seem to continually find beautiful potential litters of puppies only to have missed pregnancies, litters of boys and oversized girls. Maybe 2012 will be my turn for a girl? I am not even choosy anymore; I will take any colour as long as she is small, pretty, smart and feisty with perfect ears. You know, basically Giz-mo without the boy bits.

In the meantime I have finally gotten my chickens! It is a new experience and I am enjoying learning about something new. So far we have gotten ONE egg from the girls and so it is one expensive egg! But the pleasure I get from looking out and seeing them pecking around is priceless. Right now we only have two but when our pen is complete I hope to get a few more. I am thinking 5 would be nice number.

This photo makes me laugh. Dennis bought me this tee-shirt when he went back to NY because I love marshmallow peeps! It is also appropriate considering my new love of chickens! This photo was taken on my birthday just chillin in front of the fire with my pups.

Happy Holidays to all!


Lian said...

OMG! Giz-mo is too cute! I just want a cuddle!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


What a nice run in the video.
I hope you enjoed your birthday.
Dizmo is so cute as a cristmas boy.
I wish to you, your family and dogs a merry christmas and a blessed 2012.


Jo Ann said...

Love the new look of your blog. Haven't been reading my regular blogs or updating my own for quite a while, so don't know when you changed yours. Love your puppy Gizmo - it will all work out with him. Hope you have a nice Christmas and that 2012 is good to you.

Jo Ann

corbinwooten said...

I am really enjoying your videos and wonderful attitude towards your dogs. I absolutely love your comment "I am taking the best dog home anyway". I am going to write that on my hand at our next trial!

I think it's neat that the trial was all decked out for Christmas with the Christmassy jumps and tinsel. I've never seen anything like that. Made for a great photo!

Christmas Gizmo is almost too cute to handle!

Ann Marie said...

Gizmo (sans hyphen!) is adorable! And if he gets too big for you remember he always has a home with me as I STILL want that big sheltie boy!

Can't believe it's been a year since the tree-trimming party. How time flies.

All the best to you, Dennis and the crew. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Love looking at your run, really well done in the pairs. she has had a fantastic year and she is still very young. Miss seeing Gizmo training on FB. Never imagined I would see someone message an egg and post piccy of it! Did you eat it or frame it?
Happy Christmas.
Sharon Brewster

Serena said...

Hi, Bernadette! I can't believe how far I've fallen behind. I visited this newest post tons of time, and each time meaning to write but getting way sidetracked and derailed by stress and anxiety about getting to trial only 2x this year so lots of pressure, it's been an Anxious Downer and 2012 has not been a good year so far. We might have a 3rd trial if I'm willing to travel a 6 hour commute which most people in my desperate region do travel that far, but for me it'll be my first time trying to travel and there's no guarantee that we'll do well. Hey, don't worry about Olympia, it is hard to come down from the "high" of FCI....and usually what everyone experiences is anti-climactic once the dream has been reached, any person is gonna have a hard time reorienting themselves. So Bless you and Little Zazzy!

I also love the photo of you and the dogs! so ACE! and if anyone can bring anyone Christmas Cheer it's precious Little Gizmo! Hope you will write soon on your blog! It will help my doldrums in case I do terrible at this upcoming trial this weekend! Please keep your fingers crossed for us Bernadette! In all likelihood it will be your UK time of noon-2:30 p.m....Hope Angel Hexie will keep watch over us. We had too many new things we changed up in our training and there wasn't enough time for both me and Eluane to adjust to those training changes and trying to undertake everyone's suggestions all at once so we'll definitely need all the Good Lord's help on the final trial too!!(triple sigh!)