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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Boyz: 6 weeks old

Time is flying by and I still have so much I want to do with The Boyz. But I leave tomorrow for the FCI World Agility Championships in France and so have to turn the reigns over to Johanna. Since Johanna is the sooper-dooper Freestyle person I expect the boys will be dancing by the time I return!

This last week has been all about socialization and training. I am trying to get the boys out as much as possible. So far they have taken a car ride and visited Dennis at work and met some dogs that come here for training. We have had a few visitors but they definitely need to meet more people and get more handling; this is key for socialization.

The pups housebreaking has been going great; I cannot believe how clean they have been. I am also finding the boys very quick to learn; I spent one session clicker training them to spin and now they are like little black spinning tops!

The pups play very rough with each other and I am not sure if that is a boy thing or just how these pups are. They spend much of their time wresting, stalking and chasing each other. This is in addition to chewing everything and climbing on everything they can.

Chewing everything right now.

Climbing on everything. They scare me on the steps but I have to let them get on with it.

They even climb trees!

I try to get them outside as much as possible. I move their outside pen around so they can hear the traffic and trucks passing by. Of course when I am looking for noisy tractors they aren't around!

The pups are moved from room to room depending on what I am doing during the day. They spend alot of time free in the kitchen and I try to change the toys they play with. I spend as much time as possible encouraging them to tug and play with me as well. Sometimes all I can do is just watch them and laugh as they do the funniest things. This toy car is great as it speaks when they step on the buttons and if the car crashes into something. The pups find it quite fun!

Dennis plays a big role in raising the pups. He is the pup's best friend and they all love him.

It is Dennis' job to run around and tire the pups out! (I suggest you turn down the volume on this one!)


Little Blaze

Full Collar

Big Blaze


Angela said...

they look fab Bernadette...
Enjoy France...

that 6 weeks flew past....

Spot is still my best-est!

Anonymous said...

they are so pretty.
And the running excersises of Dennis really look great.

I wish you a lot of fun and sucess in France.



Serena said...

Many Rah-rahs to you Bernadette! So glad I caught the post about you leaving for FCI!!! Eluane sends her Grand Jeté Puppy - Paw High-Fiver Best Wishes to you! With lots of love and hugs, Serena

P.S. the pups look like they are trying to do an aggressive French Monte Carlo race to the finish too but with puppy recklessness, lol! They ain't no proper Brit driver, haha!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I LOVE to watch them play and tumble! Thank you for sharing!

Diana said...

so cute and lots of fun!!