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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Boyz: 8 weeks old and off to new adventures

I am often asked if I get teary when the pups leave and people wonder how I can let them go. I find the most difficult part of raising pups is finding the right owners and, if I can get that right, the easy part is letting them go.

I like to watch people with their dogs; how they treat them when things go right and, more importantly, how they treat them when things go wrong. I like to feel that potential new owners don't think of the dogs as a means to an end but rather a team-mate to enjoy the journey with. I do NOT care if the potential owner is a world class handler or frequent winner; that means nothing to me. If a person has had success because they know how to motivate a dog and enjoy competing that is just a nice bonus.

I do worry about giving the right dog to the right person. I want the new owners to have a dog that they can enjoy. Thankfully most of the time it works out perfectly. I think this time it worked out well and I wish all my pups long and healthy lives with families that love them for who they are as individuals.

Meet the new members of Team OBay:

"Ezke" OBay Boyz Will Be Boyz

"Fuze" OBay The Boyz High Voltage

"Zanee" OBay The Boyz Magic

"Giz-Mo" OBay Boyz Toyz

Yes that is me in the photo! For now, Giz-mo will stay here. I am reserving the right to make my final decision in time as I should not really keep him. Unfortunately he is so freaking adorable that it will be hard to let him go. I have to be sensible as I am still waiting for a little girl to join the family.

Here is Giz-mo in his first official training session. Feel free to turn off the volume and just enjoy his little elephant! I wasn't expecting him to get it so quickly so just grabbed my I-phone to take this little video clip. I couldn't click and video so you have to hear my constant annoying "goooood boy". LOL

So we spend the next few days getting our house back in order. Cleaning floors, putting away the puppy pen, boxing up the gazillion puppy toys and generally just taking a breath and relaxing. Zen, Zaz and Itzy will now get more attention and I can enjoy Giz-mo's antics. He is a amazingly funny boy and he can make you laugh just by looking at you. So far he seems very bold and outgoing but I don't take that for granted and socialization is our focus for him over the next few weeks.

I miss the Boyz more than I thought I would and look forward to seeing them all again soon. In the meantime their new owners are already helping by sending photos and emails. This is greatly appreciated!


Bud Houston said...

Don't keep him! That's so wrong. I've got a better idea... send him to Waterford, OH. There's a guy down there missing his Shelties!


Karen Smith said...

They're all scrummy but especially Fuse. xx

Katie Trachte said...

He is lovely Bernadette! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Met Fuze in jersey at The weekend he is very scrummy and cute.


Mary-Anne said...

He IS too cute and "Too freakin' adorable" sounds to me like a perfectly valid reason to keep him! Some of life's most rewarding journeys come along when you follow your heart instead of your head ;).

Eleanor said...

You breed the best boys. Dash was THE BEST and Presto is practically the perfect dog to live with. So, enjoy your new boy!

corbinwooten said...

They all look lovely and happy with their new families!

And I am so impressed with Giz-Mo. Smart little guy!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Still in love with big blaze Fuze! But Giz-mo is really something - he sure learned elephant in record time!

Christine said...

All off on their adventures, the perfect boyz :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I would have done the same.
Such a cute little fellow.

It is graet that your little puppies are most important to you. That you report about their improvements first without any word about you and zaz winning third place at the WC.

respect !


Serena said...

Oh, Bernadette, I'm NOT READY to let go of Fuze! I will miss him so!!! I will always wonder what Little Neil and Fuze will be up to....No pup played the piano as well as Neilly-Joel did...and Fuze is just too much of the little-Me Border Collie, and I am just so happy and jealous for its new owner! I still get a mini-ache, wanting Fuze for MYSELF! lol! But Eluane was always meant to be a "singleton" pup so I got 16 more years of watching all your beautiful pups come and go. so I'm expecting more awwwwww moments, lol! Gizmo is such a cutie too. But Bernadette with all subsequent litters you will know the One Obay-Won Kenobi, lol! The male pup that was meant to be will BE! whether in this litter or years down the road. There will be that mind-reader, super smart pup that you can recognize a mile away whether female or male!!! Those super genius pups are one in a zillion--and I would never pass a Genius Pup up, that pup would be MINE, haha! I always believe the Good Lord pulls where the heart-strings belong. Like how you chose little Hex and Zen in spite of the cream-lightness that you were thinking of originally. Like Mary-Anne says the heart knows BEST!