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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Itz's Great Adventures 2011

So Itzy is now in Grade 6 and her first graded classes were at the Lincoln show. I was really happy with how she ran and that she can be competitive in Grade 6. She achieved two 2nd places at that show. Now it is just finding Grade 6 classes for her. The majority of shows put on combined Grade 6/7 for the smalls and mediums. The quandary I am in is that I want to do the Championship Shows and shows with Qualifiers for Zaz but I need the Graded 6 shows for Itz. Unfortunately they often do not go together.

Her second shows at Grade 6 were over the Easter Weekend. Although I really do not like the Newbury showgrounds I drove out on the Easter Friday to the WBSDS show because they had a Grade 6 class for smalls. Itzy ran really well but a small error got us Eliminated. I try really hard with Itz not to let her know when things go wrong; we just go on as if she was correct. So if you see me run a class and wonder why I am acting like we went clear even though you saw a fault, don't feel the need to tell me! LOL

Itzy had one Grade 6 agility class on the Easter Saturday but we had a knocked bar. Again I was so pleased with how she ran. On the Sunday she was sh*t hot and happily won her first Grade 6 class! I felt like a starter handler all over again worrying which dogs were left to run and if anyone would knock her out of 1st place! LOL Hopefully I have got that out of my system now and what will be will be for the Itz. I am not worried how fast she gets out of Grade 6 but only focused on both of us running happily. Itzy is actually suprising me with some of the skills she has because I don't remember teaching them to her! She is still behind Zaz in alot of training but I am OK with that. This is why it is so nice to have the two pups together; I am not in so much of a rush with Itz.

Here is how Itzy plays with her rosettes. Actually it is one of Zen's rosettes as I wouldn't let her play with her first Grade 6 1st place ribbon! She bounces up and down with it but, of course, since we were trying to video it she became camera shy.

The following weekend we had a long 4 day weekend due to the Royal Wedding on the Friday and the Bank Holiday on the Monday. I was tempted to do some shows but decided instead to stay home and spend time with Dennis and friends. Once the show season starts in full swing those relaxing non-agility weekends become scarce. I am trying to plan a few one day agility weekends rather than spend both days away but it is easy to get carried away with entering shows. Luckily because our entry fees are so low; I can easily just decide not to go on the day without stressing about losing the entry fee.

On the Bank Holiday Monday we headed out to Newbury Showgrounds (again!) for the one day Vyne Championship show. This was to be Zaz's first Championship class. (more about that later!) But even better there was a Grade 5-6 and Grade 6 agility for Itz. We were rushing around for the Championships classes so I missed walking Itz's Grade 5-6 class. Even so I was pleased with how she ran! She came in 4th out of 51 dogs in this class.

Then came out Grade 6 class! And she won it! This time I did not watch and check the other teams but waited to let Dennis check after the class was closed. Yes Dennis was there again to see his Itzy Bitzy win! (which is why we have lots of video!) Poor Dennis is now going to feel obligated to come to every show were there are Graded classes for Itzy!

So Itzy is now half way to Grade 7. I do not think she has another Graded class now until June. But it looks like our goal of Grade 7 by the end of the summer is very achievable! Go The Itz!!

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