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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zaz's First Championship Ticket! Vyne 2011

Two weeks ago Zaz followed in her mother Zen's pawprints and won her first Championship ticket in her FIRST Championship class! Anything I could write would be inadequate in describing how I feel about Zaz and what she has done for me. Instead I will let you enjoy the video.

Champ jumping

Champ Agility

Champ Final

We leave in two days for Zaz's first big event. The World Agility Open Championships 2011. I am grateful for this opportunity to show off my two special girls Zen and her daughter Zaz. This will be Zen's last big event as she will be bred this summer; so I will be cherishing every moment and just enjoying her awesomeness. I thought I would share this special good luck card made by our friend Sonia. I have similar cards for almost all of Zen's international competitions. Each one is kept in Zen's scrapbook as a memory of that event. Now Zaz can have her own scrapbook and we can start with this special card.


Angela said...

ahhh what a lovely card, great runs, enjoy the WOA event...

Chica Poodle said...

Fantastic runs, she's got it all! Love her powering ahead, fab turns, running contacts, great weave entries...the list goes on :0) Zen, you've produced an absolute cracker there & Bernadette, you've trained an absolute cracker too xxx

Hooch n Troops said...

stunning runs...go Zaz...u r truelly a little star :)xx

Tammy Moody said...

Awesome runs! Wow, you two look so seasoned already.
Good luck at the WAO.

(Sassie) Frankie said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!