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Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Celebration: Team OBay

I am already getting behind on trying to keep up with documenting all the agility shows this season. Luckily today is the Friday of the Royal Wedding which means this is ANOTHER 4 day weekend! So while Dennis golfs this morning; I will download some videos. I love my new little video camera (Kodak Zi8) which makes videoing and downloading so easy. No more time consuming editing and carrying around a big camera and case. It is smaller than my IPhone! The downside of this video camera is the viewing screen which can be difficult to see in the bright daylight. This is a small price to pay for the convenience and ease of use.

I am going agility-less for the first 3 days of this holiday weekend and going to the Vyne agility on Monday. Monday will be Zaz's first Championship class!

Easter Celebration has always been one of my favorite shows. Who wouldn't love an agility show that gives you chocolate Easter eggs for prizes? Happily Dennis came along on the Sunday to the agility show. He wanted to make sure he got the chocolate eggs that he preferred and also to make sure I was handling Itzy properly. He has threatened to start interviewing for a new Itzy handler. I have news about the Itz from this show but that will need a stand-alone post!

On Sunday we got lucky and ALL our runs were in one ring! It felt so nice to be able to sit around the ring and enjoy watching all the OBay pups run. I am so proud of them all.

So this is a mega video post! With Dennis at the show for the day I was able to get video of almost all the OBay pups and I thought it would be good to see all the pups running the same course. Don't concentrate on any mistakes; just enjoy them all having fun and maybe turn down the sound on your computer! LOL



The Todd-ster

Momma Zen


The Itz

Za-Za-Za Zaz

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Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for this beautiful videos with the Obay Sheltie family.

I hope to see some of them at the Belgium International Sheltie Competition.