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Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Kizzy, Wizz, Zoe and Oz (and the blog!)

It is hard to believe that it was back in September 2006 that this blog was started to keep everyone up to date on these potential puppies! Three years ago today Zen gave birth to her first litter of pups. Happy birthday to Kizzy, Wizz, Zoe and Oz.

The very first "Z" litter! Gosh what a hard time I had getting those owners to give their puppy "Z" names. I finally had to compromise and let them just pick names with "z" in the name instead of starting with "Z" as I really had preferred. Meanwhile the 2nd Zen litter had very obedient owners who named their puppies Zeki, Zinna, Ziga and Zev! They must have really wanted their puppies!

Here is Zen with her first litter.

Three years later and this blog has been a fantastic way to keep in touch with the growing OBay Family. I find it hard to believe that we have had over 190,000 visitors to the blog from 100 different countries! How fabulous is that?

Thanks to everyone who reads the blog and makes such lovely comments. I feel like I have so many more friends in so many different countries and maybe one day will get to meet everyone in person!


Mary-Anne said...

Jayda sends a BIG "Happy Birthday" to all her little cousins :)!

sassie said...

Happy birthday, Blog! I am so glad you decided to start one, we'd have never met otherwise!!

Helen said...

Congratulations to Zen on her career as a moommy as well as a performance star!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Congratulations to your blog.
I one visited you have to come back to read more and more about the OBay family.
Sorry, I did not met you at Dornbirn. But maybe next Year in Germany at the next World Championchips.



Christine said...

Zev said "wooohoowoohoo" Happy Birthday & Congratulations x