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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girlpower pups 1st birthday Party Portraits

There were alot of black shelties around the house today! The party game should have been "Who can correctly name each sheltie?" OR "Who can find their own black sheltie?". But the stars of the day were the Girl Power pups themselves. From left to right: Zaz, Itz, Zavvi and Yazoo. A photo of the proud mum Zen (far right) with her year old pups. And not to forget Zev, Ziga and Zeki who are just missing their last littermate Zinna. They never had their own birthday party so they joined in today! More photos and videos in a day or so. All the dogs were so good together; there were no problems other than some cake stealing going on.....That is little Vinny (Luna's pup Neil who is now 5.5 months old) eating the "doggie cake". Grandma (me) is allowed to teach them bad habits like eating off coffee tables! Oh yes in case you are wondering: Vinnie is teeny tiny! Another Zinna in the making!


Diana said...

Great pictures. Itz and Yazoo ( hopefully I have the right dogs) look some much alike. Looks like a great party! Diana

Acadia Shelties said...

WOW! What a consistant look they have! GREAT pictures.

Helen said...

Great pics of all the black pups. My Zeeba sometimes feels like I have a dozen.

Angela said...

Cant wait to show Ian this post...what lovely photos.

Jo said...

Beautiful piccies, love the video of Vinny eating the cake.

Christine said...

Thank from me and Zev, we had a super time :-) x

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Nice pictures and video. Seems to be a fine party.
When I saw the pictures I think about how to find the right dog by calling the name of each of them.
Bebause they look so semilar.
Must have been a good breeder (congratulation)



Macfarlane Dogs said...

Ah Vinnie is soooo cute!! He looks so different now!

How wonderful to have so many gorgeous shelties in your house - but oh my it must have been loud! Did you issue everyone with ear defenders on entry?? :)

Glad you all had fun x

Mary-Anne said...

You need a bigger sofa :) !

Hooch n Troops said...

Happy 1st Birthday pups...you all look fab...but IDENTICAL! hope the mums took home their own dogs!! lol

Love naughty Vinnie too..well Lin you did name him Vinnie! :)


Dawn said...

How fun to see them all together, all obviously family! And Neil is adorable, so glad to get the chance to see him again! They are all beautiful! What a day that must have been!

Serena said...

Wow, beautiful photos of the power pups! Hurray for seeing little Neil/Vinnie Take the Cake! Happy belated birthday! Absolutely Gorgeous all of them!