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Thursday, September 03, 2009

More Scotland and off to the World Championships

We really enjoyed our week in Scotland. It was so relaxing and at the same time great for the dogs. I have already booked a cottage holiday next May in Wales. The cottage is dog friendly and I can bring all 5 dogs!

Here are two happy wet puppies!

Dennis and his girls.

Now that I am back home my attention is now on the World Agility Championships coming up in 2 weeks. My feelings about this world champs has been mixed. I am looking forward to it and know that Zen and I will do our best. Yet this month is a difficult one for me as it will be 1 year since I lost my beloved Hex.

These feelings have been brought out even more after hearing about one of the young dogs on the USA team passing away suddenly this week during training. It should make me say how unimportant these big events really are; yet it is our training and competing with our dogs that makes our relationships so strong. I think about how much fun Zen and I had together over the past 6 years and I feel like these events are just a culmination of our relationship. I look at Pax who turns 13 this month and, although she has been retired for 4 years, it is that working relationship that still resonates between us. Zaz and Itzy are already giving me so much; making me laugh and making me marvel already at their keenness to play this game with me.

The blog will be quiet now until I return from Austria. I am so happy that Zen and I are allowed to play this agility game amongst the best in the world. We are so psyched we cannot wait!

And to make me laugh; here is Itzy who loves to blow bubbles in the water!

And Zaz who has her mum Zen's smiling face.


Diana said...

Good luck. Diana

Dawn said...

Have fun in Austria! Hex will be with you in spirit all the way!

"Halohils" said...

heehhe this is a real SMILE--gotta love it!

"Halohils" said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Say hi to Paulette and Rush!! I will be cheering for both of you!!! gooooo ZEN!

Love you guys!

Diane and Jiffy will all paws crossed!

Sheltiedoc said...

Best of luck! We didn't think when we planned a trip to the Smokies with a bunch of doggie friends about not having internet access during the worlds....AAAGH! So I may have to be making some trips to see if I can hijack some hispeed access and catch up on results!

Oh well, we have five whole days to relax, let the dogs run and swim in the creek, and end up with an agility trial. So I guess it's a fair trade off!

We'll be rooting for you!

Christy said...

Great photos! Now I want more tri colored shelties. One just isn't enough.
Thanks for sharing.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Best of luck to you and Zen!! We'll be thinking about you and hope you have a wonderful time!

Christine said...

Thanks for the sharing the great photos and holiday adventures. Our thoughts are with you all at what is also a very tough time. Now go you guys, and rock at the Worlds x

NancyV said...

Best of luck at Worlds. Feel like I know you, and am privileged to read your "diary," and share your life.

I am sure your memories of Hex will be an inspiration, just as the American team will have their missing member, Focus, in their hearts.

Nancy Vollmer, servant to Shelties, Pinto, Trace, Cole and Flint

Vonnie said...

Good Luck! Go Shelties!

The first year is the year we relive everything! Hex will be there watching over you and willing you on for that win! Sorry to read about the US Sheltie, so sad :(

Glad to hear you enjoyed Scotland, that's where I live!

Lian said...

We wish you the very best of luck with Zen. Zen always give her 101% to you, so go and enjoy your runs! All the shelties are very proud of you two!

Serena said...

Bernadette, once again I have fallen so far behind again on your lovely blogs, but dear Hexie has always been in my thoughts too. In fact, right before reading your blog I had posted to the Agility Addicts with my personal thanks with how your dear Neil/Vinnie cheered me on so much when I was in the midst of my own troubles-including a very serious car accident in which my car was destroyed. And now my little Eluane has gotten her own 1st place Ribbon and Qualifiers at her 2nd agility trial (the first AKC trial being in May 2009, the 2nd in September-so we've only had 2 trials so far). I am praying that you be blessed with a fantastic win for Zen! My little E is having all 4 of her puppy paws crossed for Zen and she sends her rainbow play bow to Hexie too! I always tell her that little Hexie was such a star; that she would have been at the Austrian championship herself winning her medal! I think next year I have to be sure to send rose flower pics for little angel Hexie on her birthday...(I grow roses now)...There is also a delightful American song called Dog and Butterfly, I think of dear Hexie too on that song and I will soon send a butterfly photo that I took at Powell Gardens to commemorate her. Such joys and sorrows that even so, still sparkle in the tears of our eyes, ever so precious. So you sparkle in our hearts, dear Hexie!