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Monday, September 28, 2009

More OBay Shelties at the World Agility Championships 2009

As usual I was very proud of the other OBay shelties competing at the World Championships.

Nicky and Indy were lying 3rd after the individual jumping but a miscommunication in the individual agility meant no podium this year. Suzanne and Unique had an error in the small individual jumping but placed 3rd in the Individual Agility. Both Nicky and Suzanne are such great handlers and trainers and they have done so well with both boys. Too bad Indy and Unique couldn't combine forces and we could have had an OBay world champion! How cool that Indy, Unique and Zen all come from the same mom. Mom True (Ch. Linden 'Tis True) produced the best puppies.

I like the acceleration of both Suzanne and Unique in this photo.

Indy has the greatest ability to turn on a dime. Nicky has trained him so well.

We did not get videos of all the runs but here is one of Nicky and Indy in the Team Agility.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello !

It was really nice to see you run at the WC.
You and Nicola are really a pleasure to see without stressing the dog over the limit like some other handlers do.
I hope you will also take part next year in Germany.
Hipp Hipp Huray !!!!

best regards !