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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zen will run for anyone!

We had so many runs over the weekend at the KC International Festival. I actually missed quite a few runs with Hex. I do not let anyone else run Hex; but almost anyone can run Zen in jumping as long as they promise to reinforce her start line stay. This jumping course did not suit me as it was too big and I dread those straight lines and straight tunnels. HA!

Andy has run Zen once last year so I asked him if he wanted to run her on this course. He is on a winning streak as the last time he ran her he won the class also!


Ann Marie said...

Ask Andy if he wants to come across the pond and run Smudge. I absolutely dread long straight lines and straight tunnels! So if he wants to run my little BC, he's got the job!!!

Lian said...

Can I run Zen, please? If you are brave enough to trust my terrible handling technique!!