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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sexy Hexy at KC International Festival 2008

Here are some random runs from Hex aka The Wicked One at the KC International Festival 2008. She had a great weekend with 100% clear runs! I feel like Hex and I are getting our groove back! :-)

I should update the blog with videos as soon as I get back; but it takes me a few days to be able to sit down and watch my runs. Is it just me? I am so critical of myself when I watch and I need a few days before I am brave enough to watch them! That aside, I do find it invaluable to have the runs videoed as I can then look at the runs and realize that I still have some work to do. It would be boring if we were perfect and had nothing to train! Notice on the first run I had two push-thrus or go-arounds! Yeah! They are still not as effortless as Ms. Leah Gardner's go-rounds but I was pleased we could do them. Same time last year I would have been hesitant about doing them in a course.

This past weekend was a nice one with relaxing and no agility shows. I have done some training with the girls but mostly just nice walks with Dennis and the dogs. This coming weekend is a nice local agility show; just 15 minutes away! Perfect! I can even go early just to watch some runs from friends and students which is always great. Some of the shows are just too big and I do not get the chance to watch other people.

The new car will get it's first outing at an agility show. Look out for the Turquoise Sheltie Machine; it might blind you with it's brilliant shine!

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Johanna said...

I love the first run - LAYERING THE JUDGE!!!! You have to patent that into your system. LTJ.