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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

KC International Agility Festival 2008

We leave early Thursday for the Kennel Club International Agility Festival. It is a 3-day show.It is unbelievable how big this show is!!! My feet hurt just thinking about it. I have fingers crossed for good weather; we deserve one show this year with nice weather.

Here are the numbers for this show. You are reading them correctly! It is now billed as the LARGEST Agility show in the WORLD! I have not found out how many foreign competitors will be there; but know there will be a few different countries represented.

  • 2545 dog competing. Yes that is 2545 dogs!
  • over 18,000 runs! (not including finals)
  • all over 18 rings

On Friday is our Medium Olympia qualifier. Yippee!


Anonymous said...

18 rings.....OH MY !!!!!

Good luck and have a great time.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds like an amazing event/sight - can't wait to see pictures/videos of this one! And to think we think the annual Springfield (Massachusetts) Cluster trial is a huge event - only 1800 runs and 4 rings tho. I think Dennis will need to provide you with one of those lovely little golf carts to travel the show grounds - you know, like the one Diane G used for her instructor hospitality runs at Clean Run camp!!!

Good luck - don't get lost on the way to your ring(s)!
Ann H & Spooner

Sharon said...

Hi Bernadette, I will wave to you as I go past in the mobility scooter. At least my feet wont be aching.

Gussie said...

I get confused enough trying to find my way between five or six rings! Looking forward to reading about it. Gus n Jake

Ann Marie said...

Run fast, run clean, have fun and most importantly...bring a map!

Mary-Anne, Bryce, Jayda and Raven said...

Yikes! Wonder how many people miss runs because they can't find their ring?!

Good luck, enjoy, have lots of clean runs .. yes, definitely bring a map ...and maybe a GPS!

Katie Trachte (USA) said...

holy cow... 18 rings, I'd lose my mind!!! USDAA Nationals drives me insane with their rings! LOL!

Good luck! Hopefully you'll have much better weather!