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Monday, June 16, 2008

Thames photos

I wanted Dennis to get this photo of Hex, Zen and Henry (Helen's JRT) because they all train with Lesley Olden. But Helen, we really need to train YOU to take photos. Dennis must have taken at least 30 photos of this and in most of them YOU were talking! Between Zen barking and Helen talking; 90% of the photos were bad! hahahaha

This one ain't great but it was the best of the worst. I will look for a better one later to give to Lesley. I thought it was pretty cool that both medium and small championship tickets AND the reserve small championship ticket were won by handlers and dogs that train with the "famous" Lesley Olden. :-) Lesley doesn't give her self enough credit as being a really great instructor.

I have more photos from Thames to post later; including evidence of Nancy severely (yes severely!) pointing at Zen and MAKING her stay on the start line! Will miracles ever cease?


Hudsondoglets said...

You neglected to say that the only reason she sat still for these photos was because I was telling her to STAY WHILST SEVERERLY POINTING AT HER!


Hi Bernadette, Lovely shot of the lovely Henry!!!!! x Sophie (Oh and a lovely shot of hex and zen ;-)

I'm Helen said...

Pah! I could send you the ones Iain took but I have a feeling they are just as bad!!!!I hope Lesley likes her pic when she gets it.H and H
PS I think I'D sit still if Nancy pointed her finger at me and told me to severely!

Hudsondoglets said...

Helen, it was nervous banter because I was severely pointing at you - ha ha!