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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of the best Agility weekends evah!

Off we went on Friday to the Thames Agility Show. We had a great camping spot thanks to Nandy and that always makes the weekend better! I am such a grump if I have to walk miles to the rings; as I am sure most people are. The forecast was looking good and it was another championship show. What could be better? Oh and I got to see three of Zen's young pups; Ziga, Zev and Zeki. They had a nice play together and I was so happy to see Ziga as I had not seen him for a few weeks.

On Saturday night I wanted to celebrate Hex's Agility Championship; so we had cake (decorated by Dennis!), Champagne and Pimms. The lovely tablecloth is actually a fleece blanket that Johanna gave to me for Hex's Championship. (Yes the wicked Hex's personal logo is skull and crossbones!) Hex helped me cut the cake and sampled a bit for herself.

I was really really surprised by this present! Karen made me a "Mach Bar"!!! As most people read in my previous posts, in the US they take the last bar of the course after they finish their Agility Championship (aka MACH) and then do a victory lap around the course. Then people sign the bar as a memento. Karen was so so sweet and took one of her own jump bars and painted and decorated it for me! She had people sign it for me and they all were a little puzzled as no one had heard of it before! I am so touched and will treasure it always! I finally have a Mach bar! Thank you to everyone for making Hex's championship something special.

The only thing I didn't get to do was run around a course while holding it. And I didn't have enough champagne or Pimms to risk running around the courses Saturday night. Hmmmm maybe I should bring it to another show? :-)

The weekend only got better on Sunday. It was the champ day for smalls and mediums. I was very relaxed about running since Hex finished her championship at Hinkley and Zen won the ticket at Nottingham. This championship day was just a bonus. Well the girls did what I was really wanting: THEY BOTH WON THE CHAMP TICKET! Hex won her small Champ final and Zen won the medium champ final! I do not know if anyone else in the UK has ever won two champ tickets on the same day; but I felt very proud of both girls. GIRLPOWER!

I have pulled them out of the Champ classes for the next few shows as I do not feel the need to collect tickets. 8 tickets to date for Zen and 4 for Hex is pretty darn good for now! I will just enjoy watching the champs for the time being.

And here is some video from the Thames show 2008.


Johanna said...

Wow, Dennis I am impressed by your cake decorating skills. Betty Crocker GO HOME!!!

Still wish I could have been there to celebrate but will make up for it in Stokholm or at the EO :o)

Johanna said...

And a big thankyou of course to Sherry for sending True to us in Europe - what a gift!!!! :o) I think its about time True gets a posting with the accomplishments of all her kids & grandkids....

Paula said...

What a fantastic achievement for you and the girls and how nice of Karen to do you a MACH bar.

Didn't realise Dennis was so multi talented :)

Hudsondoglets said...

What a result(s)! Well done Bernadette, Hex and Zen!


That cake is decorated well good!

Karen said...

Mega congrats wot an amazing weekend for you and your two little staRS X

Anonymous said...

The runs were beautiful !!!!!

The cake looked delicious !!!!

The bar was a terrific surprise and very thoughtful.

The weekend was PRICELESS !!!!

Congrats Bernadette, Hex & Zen !!!!


Diana said...

Great runs! Cool MACH bar. Diana

Eleanor, Shelties and Shorthairs said...

A MACH bar, how cool is that!!! Actually, isn't that an AGCh bar!? See, we Yanks do occasionally have some very nifty ideas. Maybe it will catch on accross the pond.

Great weekend! A dream come True. (Good play on words, n'est-ce pas?)

I am still waiting for that bloopers video.

Lian said...

Big Congratulations!! Girl Power!! OBay power!!

Mark said...

Huge congratulations Bernadette, next time Dennis does his end credits make sure he includes your name too .... love the look of that cake !


Ann Marie said...

Congratulations Bernadette, Zen & Hex! You guys rock!!! Next time you come back bring the MACH bar so those of us in the States can sign it - after all, it was OUR idea. :-)

Mary-Anne, Bryce, Jayda and Raven said...

That is one amazing weekend - congratulations!

Dennis did a great job decorating that cake - very nice!

Just watch - you're going to be the one who brings the final bar tradition to the UK! Wouldn't it be funny if in a year from now everyone there is doing it :)?

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Massive congrats!! What a fantastic weekend you had! Thoroughly deserved :-)

Lorna said...

What an awesome weekend you had - are you sure you don't want a large dog to so you can go for 3 x CC in one day/weekend!! What a lovely cake!

Lorna x

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and also to Dennis for the spectacular cake!!!!

How lovely that you got a bar, maybe a new tradition is starting on your side of the pond.



Just watched the video, computer wouldnt let me! Its blinking good!! well done x