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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Terry and Mach Keeper

Most of you will now know Terry as the new owner of the Lil'Mouse now known as Zinna. Well she is also a very active agility competitor in the USA and has now finished her 2nd MACH (Master Agility Champion). Terry and Keeper finished their Mach a few weekends ago in the rain and mud. I have yet to see the video; but have heard that it was pretty dire conditions. So it was lucky they got around both courses clean (or not really clean!) I think you can see the state of dress on that day which give you an idea of the weather that day! How the heck did Terry run in that outfit??

In the US when a dog finished their Mach everyone around the ring claps and cheers as the owner grabs the last bar and runs around with the dog doing a victory lap. It is nice this as there is a little excitement! The bar is kept by the person and everyone at the show (and later) signs the bar with their congratulations. This is nice momento to keep.

Here you can see Terry's friends with a sign they had made up in advance; I guess hoping that Terry would finish that day. Or did they carry the sign around for weeks? :-) To get a Mach the dog must have completed 20 QQs(double qualifying runs or running clear in both agility and jumping on the same dog). So once the dog completes it's 19th QQ, at the next show people hang around the ring to see if it runs it's 20 QQ. This could go on for weeks depending how consistent the dog is! I imagine it gets very stressful waiting for that 20th QQ if they keep messing up! How long can you carry a bottle of champagne around without wanting to drink it?? (ps Dennis didn't even have a bottle ready last week for Hex as he didn't want to jinx us; or that was his excuse anyway!)

You can see the bar in this photo on the table waiting to be signed and the huge rosettes hanging on the tent.

Keeper is a rescue from Long Island Shetland Sheepdog Rescue; a group that I helped found back around 9 years ago (is it that long??). So it is an extra special Championship. I believe that Keeper is the second MACH for Long Island Sheltie Rescue.

SO big belated congratulations to Terry and Mach Keeper. And promises to Johanna to get the latest info up on One if she sends me good photos! :-)


Johanna said...

Well done again to Terry & Keeper - I remember him all the way from when he was a puppy!!! MACH runs always make me cry - wish I could have been there :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Bernadette for putting such a nice message on your blog for Keeper's MACH !!!!

I enjoy reading the blog and feel honored to be on it!!!!


Jo & Brian said...

Well done Terry and Keeper, what a beautiful rosette.

Eleanor said...

Yeah Keeper and Terry! I heard the news, but had not seen any pictures! I heard that the weather was awful, but your runs wonderful! Can you bring your bar to Staten island, so I can sign it? :-)

Now, Bernadette, you need to get over to the US for a few moments and sign that bar!

Paula said...

Well done Terry and Keeper.

Ann Marie said...

In addition to the 20 "QQ"'s, the team also must accumulate 750 points which are determined by how many seconds you are under course time. So there is an additional requirement that makes the MACH even more impressive.

I was not there for Terry's run (some of us had to work that day!) but I did celebrate with Terry and Keeper the following day. I'm so proud of them both. Keeper is such a great little dog and Terry is not only a fantastic handler but a cherished friend.

Congratulations once again Terry and MACH Keeper!

Ann Marie, Smudge & Luna

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

So! Terry when you gonna start the Zinna blog eh? eh? eh? :)
Congratulatons on the MACH you must be sooo very proud.

Anonymous said...

Wow..what a great achievement ! 20 QQs with 750 points...that's a real challenge. It's so cool for the victory run in the ring. Congratulations for achieving MACH, Keeper & Terry !!

ps:how I wish we have MACH in Singapore :<

Shanice & Nova