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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sheltie sex!

Yeah, Zen and Tazz finally consummated their relationship in full. I don't know why I was worried (well other than I worry about loads!) as the last time we bred Tazz a nd Zen they bred on days 14,15 and 16. So what day is today....Day 14! Tazz is nothing but quite accurate! I won't go into details but just to say that I was sitting outside on the gravel tonight in the rain IN MY PJs holding two shelties that were tied together.....quite a picture I am sure!

If we get another breeding tomorrow I will be one very happy breeder!

Yesterday I organized a training day to raise money for Lisa to help defray the large vet bills they incurred on Chi's two cancer surgeries. It was a success mainly due to Nancy donating her time to teach the training day and to Sue for loaning out her sand school and equipment. I could have filled Nancy's training session over quite a few times as everyone loves her training days. Everyone who came was more than generous and we raised quite a bit of money. It only makes a dent in Chi's vet bills but hopefully it just helps Lisa a little. Lisa did not know about the fund raising and I think she was quite surprised. But what was her first comment....."I wish I could have done some training too!" The bitch! hahaha

The day was made extra special by the lunch that was provided by our friend Lynn (who is a professional caterer and make the best food!). She gave us two trays of lasagna (one veggie and one meat) and two huge salads. The worst thing was that after I picked up the food on Friday; I had to drive with just baked lasagna aroma filling my car for the 45 minutes drive home! This was not conducive to my continued low carb diet!

The training day went really well and it didn't rain as it was forecast. We had sun all day which was fab. Nancy trained everyone from 10 to 1pm. The training went great and was even better considering there were FOUR shelties working amongst the border collies. Sheltie power! Then we stopped for that yummy lunch of lasagna followed by Dennis' famous Swedish Almond Cake. (I was very good and I resisted all the carb filled food) After lunch everyone ran a course that Andy set for us. It was quite an evil course as it didn't look difficult at first but had some sneaky difficult bits. HA! I love those kind of courses.

Here are some photos from the day but you can see all the photos at Nancy Hudson Training Day January 2008

Can you believe the look on Timmy's face? I think there was a bit of turning in mid air going on!

I LOVE this photo of Todd!
This photo is not totally focused; but I thought the positioning of Jessie's back legs was unbelievable! It is amazing how these dogs work to turn!

Today we took another good walk with Lisa and Tony and 7 dogs. The hike was around 4 miles and just over 2 hours. I wasn't feeling very perky as all I could think about was Tazz and Zen not having bred yet! The walk was good to take my mind off this and keep working on our fitness. The walk made us all, people and dogs,nice and tired; I need to make an effort to do more each week.

Dennis played around with his camera and got some good photos. Here are a few of my favorites.
I love to see groups of shelties flying around together!

I had to include this photo of Grandma True actually running! True usually likes to meander along behind especially if she can get a nice snack of horse poo!

And Chi must be feeling better as he is back to torturing Grizz when she is trying to do her lurcher run!


Lian said...

Thank you very much for organising such a wonderful training day! Nancy is such a superb trainer, we enjoyed that so very much. Now, I have something to work on ... directional!! I would love to do her training day anytime again!

Karen said...

Yes thank you for arranging the training day was enjoyed VERY much and I love those pictures x


What a lovely idea!!! love all the action shots.

Sophie xxx

manymuddypaws said...

Great Pictures! I love the picture of Todd aswell. Great Focus!