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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Agility secrets

At least twice this year, in speaking to agility people, I have been told that their "methods" were secret! How lame is that? No mutual sharing of ideas for some! Geesh.

Just for the record; I am always available for discussion on different methods. But of course I am not an "expert". Blah.

The reason I was thinking about this was that I am a Blog addict (yes like all of you!) and found some fab blogs where they actually discuss training methods! Hurrah! And critique training DVDs! Double hurrah! No one loses when information is passed around. We all continue to grow and learn. My friend Diane G. once said that she was an "agility sponge" which I found hysterical but it is such an apt phrase. I also like to be an "agility sponge" where I can just absorb good information and squeeze out what I think it bad.

I am continuing to read "Bones would rain from the Sky". It is certainly NOT a training book but really philosophical about communication and letting the dog communicate with YOU. I am also thinking of going to an Animal communication training day so I think I am going all "new age" in my old age. HA!

Now I wish Tazz and Zen would communicate in a more hmmm....sexual way....as I am getting ansy as she is on day 11 and I want puppies this year! No signs with Hob-b yet....


Paula said...

Interesting you say about the animal communication day as I have signed up for on one the 20th January.
I really appreciate all the time you spend talking to me at shows.

OBay Shelties said...

That is the one I was thinking of going to!