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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It had to end...

...it is raining again! After almost a full week of lovely sun and a dry agility field. Oh well no agility today! Plus I skipped out on my yoga class which was really naughty of me. :-(

For those interested: Hob-b is definitely not pregnant. She would have been due to whelp this weekend and there just ain't nuttin there. So Hob-b is going to head off to Denmark for a few months to do some breed showing with Johanna. She will come back to me in the summer and be bred one more time in the hopes that we can get a proper sized litter as I really want a puppy from her.

Zen should be just about 3 weeks along. No signs yet and I have to keep stopping myself from checking every few hours! It is times like these that I hate breeding!

What a depressing post!

On the positive side: I took Hex swimming again yesterday and she really enjoyed herself. Hopefully the extra exercise yesterday will make up for the fact that we probably won't get out for a walk today.


Paula said...

Shame about Hob-b but fingers crossed for Zen.
Bet Hex looks really funny soaking wet.

Johanna said...

Weather has been awful here today. I lucked out and worked Soda and Spooky's HTM this morning before it got really bad. We have fingers crossed for Zenny aswell :o) And looking forward to having Hob-ster visiting!!!! And finally get to do some breedshows!!!!

OBay Shelties said...

Let's hope the Hob-ster holds her coat this time! She is looking really good right now.

And yes Hex looks really funny wet! She looks so dinky; I am sure that Thomas would be the same. They are all hair!

Lian said...

Fingers X for Zen! I love to see more Zenny babies.