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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Latest WC judge course

We set this up on Friday. I wanted to put up a course with tunnels under contacts as we see that so infrequently here in the UK. I also stuck a tunnel under the end of the dog walk and that added some new sequences to work with. Zen is running so well but I have to keep working on these courses so that I can keep my head in focus.

Saturday we went shopping! HA! Got my 4th pair of navy blue trousers so I am set for all 4 days at the world champs. I am starting to think about what to pack. OMG can I just wear my jammies for the six days on the coach bus?

After shopping Dennis and I took Hex and Pax to the beach. (West Wittering) It was a shame he forgot the camera as the dogs had a great time and were so cute running thru the water. It was probably the wrong day to go to the beach though as it was very crowded. Luckily the beach is so big that just by walking a little further away the dogs could have a good run and romp without bothering anyone. We will definitely go back there and can't believe we had never heard about it before!

Today we spent a few hours bathing and grooming some of the dogs to get them ready for their holidays away while we are in Norway. I like to send the dog away smelling and looking perfect. We couldn't get the pet-sitter for this time; she was booked up because I was too superstitious to book her before the try-outs! So all the dogs are being farmed out to different places. I not only have to worry about packing for me and Zen but also packing for the other 5 dogs!

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Karen said...

Glad you like the west witterings its lovely and very safe for the dogs to run about.