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Thursday, September 06, 2007

I miss Hex!

We had another World Champ practice on Wednesday up at the team managers place. It was a long drive (3 hours one way) up to Hinkley for only 2 hours of training; but I will take all the help I can get! It felt really good to run the courses that Steve set up and be able to do them on the first try! Yeah Zen! It can be a bit intimidating with the likes of Greg D and Nicky who make everything look so easy. They are so confident in their handling and I would like to have some of that complete confidence. But I really enjoy watching the other handlers work the course with different handling as I find that I sometimes only think of one way of doing something.

But the strangest thing was that I had a really hard time leaving Hex behind. I had decided to give her a break from training for now until Norway is over and just concentrate on Zen; so I left Hex at home. Yet I felt as if I was leaving my best friend behind! Why is it that certain dogs affect us more than others? I adore all my dogs but right from the beginning Hex has been my heart and soul dog. I always said that Joy was my "heart" dog and Pax was my "soul" dog. Now Hex has surpassed both of them and become both!

Anyway I couldn't help myself and did some training with her today. Hehehe

We are going to try and set a new course tomorrow and I will try and post it when we do. This week we set a jumping course from the European open that we saw on You tube. Those two tunnels together looked really interesting.

I have gone slightly insane looking for blue running trousers that are needed for our "team" outfit. I think I have gone to every JJB sportstore in South East England! I found a pair that I really like and have decided that I need FOUR pairs for the four days at the WCs. Guess how many I have...three! Why do I think that when I go back to the store that they will be sold out of my size?

Dennis comes home from Japan tomorrow. He will be zoned out with jet lag for a few days but I may have to take him shopping on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your shelties. I'm from the states and think your dogs are brilliant. I wish the US would take a few hints from your agility trials.

Cheers to being on the WT!


Eleanor said...

Some dogs just grab us and don't let go. It has been over three years since Sage died and I think you know how much I still miss her! I love all my other dogs very, very much. Each owns a piece of me. Sage owned all of me and what wonderful adventures we had!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Hex is defo a very special gal. 3 pairs of trousers are fine!!
Focus on Zen she will perform like you never expected.
Read the focusing book and get a grip of that worry wart your burdened with :)