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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hex is going to Olympia!

I was abandoned by my husband who went galavanting off to Japan for who knows what... sushi, golf, hot springs and Karaoke! Isn't he supposed to be working??? So no photos, no videos... Just me and Hex all alone at the Olympia semi-finals! (yes I am looking for sympathy and hopefully some good pressies back from Japan)

A long drive up to Stoneleigh but well worth it! The short version....out of the 22 small dogs who qualified during the year for the semi-final 10 go thru to The Olympia Finals. This year 3 of the 22 small dogs qualifed were OBay Shelties AND 3 of the 10 finalist going to Olympia are Obay shelties! Hex, Indy and Timmy all qualified for the final!

Hex ran second from the end. The course was slightly tricky with a difficult weave pole entrance and a tight pull thru after the A-frame. I was so pleased with Hex's run; it was one of those special runs that just felt RIGHT. It was a total bonus that she actually won the semi as I knew that we had just done the best we could and anything else was icing.

So this year there will be five OBay Shelties at Olympia 2007. Zen and Chi in the medium and Hex, Indy and Timmy in the smalls. What a great Christmas present that will be!

Since I had no photos of Hex and her lovely crystal trophy I thought I would post this funny photo of Hex at 7 months old enjoying a glass of champagne at Olympia 2005 after Zen won! Hopefully ...as we like to say....'tis a sign!


Lorna said...

Well Done - what a fab result and what a proud breeder you must be!

Lorna x

Lian said...

Yeah! Here go the OBays!!

Andy & Nancy said...

Wonderful result for the Obays.

Karen said...

Brilliant results go the Obays you must be just soooooo proud of them all kx

Anonymous said...

There are six Waggerlands there