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Friday, June 03, 2011

WAO 2011 Part 2

Girl Power!

This was one of my favorite runs. It was our first team run. All 3 in the team ran clear and we won this round!

Our other run on the first day was the Snooker run. I found it very funny but fantastic that Zen ended up with a Bronze Medal in Games! I actually like Games but doing them once a year does not encourage us to practice for them. LOL This is Zen's Snooker run; we ended up in 4th in Snooker because I did not go for the 7-7-7 combination. I decided to play it safe and went for 7-7-5 and hoped that would be enough to help us get on the podium for the Overall Games. I am still not sure if I should have tried it as, of course, it would have been the difference between a bronze and a gold medal. That is the interesting part of games; trying to be strategic in addition to knowing your dog's strengths and weaknesses. I know that Zen can only be run past so many obstacles before she would decide that enough is enough! LOL

So after the first day we had many highs and lows. Zen had 4 runs that day and Zaz had one run. Zaz's first run was her Biathlon jumping. I knew that sequence at the top of the ring would be an issue as I saw dog after dog do the same thing. I would have preferred to have been able to get a front cross in but just could not get there. Many people tried and it pushed their dogs into the other end of the tunnel. Or if they tried to sprint off after the weaves it caused the dogs to cross jump the long jump. Obviously this is a sequence I need to practice! sigh.. Otherwise I was so happy with how she handled the course.

Zaz is very different from Zen and I obviously feel so much more comfortable running Zen. Running Zaz is still a new experience in many ways. I found these two photo from the photographer at the WAO and was amazed again to see the similarities between Zen and Zaz.

More later...

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