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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hopefully our blog posts will increase soon...

I just loved the look in Zen's eyes in this photo. It is her naughty look because she knows I want to flip her into the tunnel and she would rather not go all the way down the contact.

So I always blog more when I have puppies. It is the puppy training that I most love to talk about and think about. So posts should increase in August because Zen is off being bred as I type. I want you all to keep your fingers crossed that she makes me a litter of many little girls from which to choose!

I am missing Zen like crazy; the house seems so empty and quiet with only Zaz and Itzy. We took this photo of Zen with her two WAO medals before she left on her journey. My gorgeous girl!

We have had three weekends in a row of agility shows. Cippenham was only one day and we enjoyed the slightly smaller show with a late start! Zaz ran well and Itzy came second in her graded class. I felt as if it was one of my best runs with Itzy to date, a run where I felt Itz and I were totally connected. I love that!

The following weekend we had Hinkley on Saturday followed by Keston on Sunday. It is hard to believe that Dartford and Keston were Zaz and Itz's first shows last year! They have now been competing for one year! No more excuses, huh? LOL Hinkley was a championship show and I had great hopes. Unfortunately it was not meant to be as we got eliminated in champ jumping when Zaz ran past the collapsed tunnel; a baby mistake. Still she won the champ agility and the Crufts singles so all in all a good day for Zaz. Not a great day for Itz when she was blown off the top of the dogwalk in a freak gust of wind. My poor Itz! She took quite a tumble landing on her back. I felt sick but kept her going on the course to try and keep her from thinking about it too much. I had her checked out by Tace (our WAO team massage therapist) and she seemed OK. I thought I was shook up more than she was.

Here is Zaz in her Champ agility run.

Keston was a more local show the next day and I was looking forward to it because Dennis was coming with us. When Dennis comes to the shows Itzy wins! And she did it again winning Small 1-7 and getting her third win towards Grade 7. One more win for Itz and she will be in Grade 7.

I asked Andy if he wanted to run Zen in agility because I was going to let Johanna run her in Demark in July at the Dania Cup. This is the 2nd time Andy has run Zen and the 2nd time he won the class with her. Little did I know that should would be going to Denmark sooner than I thought as she came in season the next day!

This past weekend was Thames Champ show. Usually Thames has good sunny hot weather but that was not the case this year. Itz did not have a good weekend as on Saturday she decided that she could no longer do a see-saw. This was out of the blue but I wondered if it was a result of her fall off the dogwalk at Hinkley. I felt awful that either she was sore or she was worried. I took her to see the doggie osteopath for a treatment just in case. Saturday was not a great day for me and the girls and I was felt down and worried about Itz.

On Sunday the weather was horrendous and we did our champ final run in heavy rain. I went through two raincoats that day as each one got soaked through.I skipped many of our runs on Sunday due to the rain but really wanted a shot at the championship with Zaz. Here she is in the champ agility qualifier. My hat started coming off while Zaz was on the Aframe which is why my hands are flying all around the place! It finally came off and luckily Zaz did not try to retrieve it. I was more worried about the state of my hair under the hat than finishing the run!

I felt really worried about running Zaz in the rain and have such mixed feelings about having done so. I am only human and the lure of the champ final really pushed me to do that last run. Yet my heart was not in it for many reasons; so in hindsight I should have pulled out of the final. Easier said than done...

So three weekends of agility shows are past and, as usual, I did not keep up with taking photos of trophies and rosettes. So here is Zaz and Itz's stash of trophies and rosettes for Cippenham, Hinkley, Keston and Thames. What good girlies they are.


Hudsondoglets said...

Um ... it's actually his third or fourth win with ZenStar! He loves running her, thank you!

Diana said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get your little girl. You breed such great little shelties. I love their stucture and their faces.

It always cracks me up when I see no fencing around your rings. Dogs and people just walking by. People would have a fit over here if their was no fencing.