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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

OBay Training Day 2011

This past weekend I organized another Obay training day with Lesley Olden. It is a nice chance for me to see some of the pups all together. One day I would love to do a day and/or weekend with ALL the OBay pups but I think that may be a impossible task. First we would have to organize everyone and second we would have to find a place far far away where no one can hear us. Maybe one day; I can dream!

If nothing else it gives me a good photo opportunity!

(L to R) Todd, Yazz, Ziga, Zeki, Itz, Zaz and Zev.

The dogs are all at slightly different levels in training so Lesley sets us up simple sequences that she can time as we try different ways of handling. This helps to see what is the quickest way for our own individual dogs rather than comparing dog to dog. Here is the jumping sequence tried a few different ways.

Christine and Zev

Karen and Todd

Nancy and Zeki

Me and the Itz

During the second half I worked with Zaz.

And Karen worked with Yazz.

It was a shame that the only pup I did not get on video was Ziga. It was hard to video as well as keep The Zitzy twins quiet! We also missed not having Zavvi (Zaz, Itz and yaz's litter sister) with us as Marilyn had a family emergency. Hopefully we can all get together again. Christine's husband Marc stepped in to take Marilyn's spot and trained his poodle Mr.Big. I am happy to note that Mr. Big was probably noisier than the shelties! Hurrah!

It was a really good day followed by a yummy pub lunch. I am thankful to Lesley for letting us come to her nice warm school and putting up with the noisy crew.

I am especially grateful for all the wonderful caring owners that share their lives with my OBay pups.

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Angela said...

What a great day you all had...so which way was faster...funny turn or other way?
and Well done for a start line wait!