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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy Belated 11th Birthday!

Back in January Halo and Presto turned 11 years old. It is hard to believe that the "twins" are 11. (l to r: Presto, Jordan, Halo)

They were Jordan's two pups born by c-section. Boy oh boy that was one long night. After waiting for Jordan to deliver we finally rushed her to the vet at some ungodly hour in the morning convinced that the puppy in the canal had died. Little Jordan just would never have been able to whelp the two pups that weighed almost 1 pound each! Those were two big puppies! We were so happy when the vet came out and said he had TWO live pups.

They were two great pups; easy going and happy. A litter of two is so simple. Both Halo and Presto have Jordan's loving sweet temperament. I miss that happy Jordan very much.

Here is Presto at 11 years old looking angelic!

And Halo at 11 still competing and loving life.


Ann Marie said...

Every so often I get the pleasure of seeing Presto at an agility trial (thanks for bringing him over to say "hello" Eleanor!) and he always makes me smile!

Halo is the cutest little girl EVER and I'm so glad she's doing so well!

Happy Birthday to both!

And Jordan...she was and always shall be my favorite sheltie girl. She will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Acadia Shelties said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!! That is quite the accomplishement.

Mary-Anne said...

I remember Bryce playing with them when they were just babies (I think you were helping me trim his hairy little ears.)

Happy Birthday, twins!

Eleanor said...

Do you know that Presto wighed the same at birth as Price? Maybe more! Price now weighs 70 lbs. Presto is large for a Sheltie, but still only 23 lbs. My Presto is the greates and has recently added work with viists to the classroms of some special needs kids to his therapy work. He is a Golden in Sheltie grab - loves everyone! Not an ounce of Sheltie reserve.