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Monday, June 07, 2010

Girlpower Pups first KC show and busy times

It has been non-stop here since the IFCS World Cup. We are trying to get the house and garden in order and move all our stuff over from the previous house. The crazy thing is that I cannot call the previous house the "old house". Instead I have to say the "previous" house because our new house is called "Old House Cottage"! Of course Dennis likes to be cool and call it "OHC". Now be careful and don't confuse that with the house next door which is called "Old House". HA!

I like this blog to be strictly about my dogs. So I debated if I should blog about the house but realized that our house was really bought just for the dogs....We are very lucky they let us live here. here is a little video of the first day we officially moved in.

We have really made a dent in all the boxes and probably just have around 10 big boxes left to sort through. Most of those boxes are still from the house in New York, so I think they can wait a little longer! Painting is nearly done and new flooring gets put in the sitting room this week. Then we can move the furniture into that room and start to hang photos and such. Which, by the way, I have way too many.
Our next big project is getting the garage built and that will go a long way toward making the house easier to live in as we can get the junk back out into the garage!

We have set up our temporary dog run and that also makes it feel more comfortable here. The dogs now have a safe place to hang out when I cannot be outside with them.

We are really starting to feel like OHC is home. Once the agility paddock has grass and my agility equipment is in I may never want to leave! The grass seed is down and we are starting to see little sprouts of green coming up. Unfortunately it may take a month or two before it is strong enough that we can actually do any agility on it.

I still have to sort through Zen's videos from the IFCS World Cup and hope to do that this week. Happily I have been a good girl and I recieved a new video camera as a present from Dennis. It is a small pocket sized Kodak Zi8 and it seems easier to download videos and certainly easier to carry around the showgrounds. Hopefully it will not take me as long now to sort through videos taken on the weekend. I do not know how people get them downloaded and edited so fast! It can take me weeks!
(If anyone has suggestions on how to make the process quicker and what programs to use, please let me know. You can either email me or send me a message on facebook.) Now the only difficult thing is to find people to video ringside. It is hard to organize when the shows are 8-12 rings and there are 100 plus dogs in the class. Hopefully since a few of us now have young dogs out we can trade video duties over the next few months as it will be nice to look back on our first tentative steps in the ring together.

Luckily I managed to get a few rounds of Zaz and Itz's first KC show recorded. We still have a long way to go in training but I am so pleased to be running with these two special little dogs. They can do no wrong in my eyes.


Johanna said...

All that is missing on the first house video is.... A BORDER COLLIE !!!!

Johanna said...

Amazing girls - GO ITZY - GO ZAZ !!!!

Angela said...

Well they look well at home in your new old home! Well done with your wins.

Anonymous said...

Hey if you swap that pink top for a pink skirt you will be Russian!!
Well done xx Marilyn and a very smelly Zav-la (fox poo)

Rosie Ison said...

The video quality on your little camcorder is great. It was so easy to use as well, I may think about getting one. I'm always happy to video for you , so grab me if you see me around.

Huge congrats to you & your special girls for your places over the weekend. Can you please get them to have a word with Fozzie please :-)

Christine said...

Those girls are looking great and it looks very much like they approve of their new home :-) Cool

Diana said...

We love hearing about your house because it part of you and you are part of your dogs. It all goes together.
Your dogs look great. Beautiful contacts. I cant remember, what method did you use to train them?

Lian said...

Congratulations to ZItzy pups! They are awesome!

The girls look so happy running around in their new home. Can't wait to visit.

sassie said...

your new old place looks lovely! The girls are really coming along, gives me hope for Toggle