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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girlpower pups Thatcham UKA Day 3

Day three at Thatcham UKA show! Not as sunny and warm but any day it does not rain is a good day! This was a fabulous show for the pups with good weather and good spirits. The venue is beautiful and I looked forward to going back each day even with the long drive back and forth.

There were two classes again for the pups. Beginners steeplechase and Nursery. In the video you will see Zavvi (running medium) followed by Zaz, Yazz and last but not least Itzy running first in steeplechase and then in Nursery.


Angela said...

Well done all the girls look great, 2 and 4 legged well done....

Karen said...

What a fantaZtic time ! all the pups are amaZing xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello !

They really look good in their first competition.
The nursery allows to use a toy for rewarding the contact zone?
What a great idea! I wished we had it also in Germany.

Best regards !


Christine said...

Oh yes, the OBay Sheltie Babes are certainly rocking :-) Congratulations

Mary-Anne said...

They all look amazing!

I'm very jealous that you can have toys ready and waiting at the end of a run.

Diana said...

Very nice run!!! Diana

sassie said...

The girls look great!!

Vicki said...

Aww, look at them go! I'm sad I missed them running but everytime I saw you about to run I was due to run one of mine somewhere else =(

Si managed to get a couple pics of Zen:


No idea whats shes doing with her legs in that second one, lol