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Monday, April 12, 2010

Girlpower pups Second Agility show 10 April 2010

The second day of competing for Zaz and Itz. Karen and Yazz stayed home so it was just the Zitzy pair running. I chose to do the Nursery class as NFC (not for competition) so that I could reward their contact performance. I was so pleased with both of them and they exceeded my expectations. They had start lines! They had contacts! They had focus and speed! They both played at the end of the run! What more could I ask for from the babies. GGG

The weekend has given me lots of information on what we need to focus on in training but it also has given me a real boost. The pup's love for the game is apparent and that is what matters to me. The only time I saw hesitation in one of them was when Itz was on the line in Beginners steeplechase. She worries about dogs lunging and barking at her on the startline. There was the cutest little papillon tied up on the startline next to her and she started out unsure. She was afraid of papillons! LOL Luckily after the first jump she picked up and ran beautifully.

Here is the video from Saturday. Video from Sunday and more details later!


Diana said...

You all look great!! Man I wish we had a class where you could reward in the ring. Diana

Hudsondoglets said...

They were just wonderful. Go Zitzy. It's (UKA)such a great environment for young dogs and their handlers.