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Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Crufts 2010

So it was a fabulous Crufts 2010 for the Team OBay. I really enjoyed watching all the other OBay shelties running this weekend and Zen's win was just icing on a fantastic Crufts cake!

Johanna had this pillow made for Zen and I. I love that it is the colour of the crufts carpet! Thanks to Johanna and everyone who sent good luck cards. They are so appreciated and every one is brought with us and displayed with pride. I have not been very creative about decorating my bench with Zen but maybe I will be better when the Zitzy pups get to Crufts. I did love my lucky pink horseshoe from Lian. Johanna was very jealous and is determined to get to Crufts again so that she can get one next year! The pink horseshoe matched Zen's pink Camoflauge crate which Johanna also wants for Soda!

Well done to all the OBay shelties at Crufts this year.
  • Nicky and Indy (Ag. Ch. Obay Truly Driven) won the Small Singles and the Small Championships for a 3rd year in a row!

  • Peggy and Timmy (OBay Truly Taking a Chance) competed in both the small agility challenge and small team relay. Timmy looked great in all his runs.

  • Daniel and Bailey (OBay Truly Daniel's Dream) competed in the Novice Cup and in YKC. He look fantastic in the Novice cup and qualified for the YKC Final in the main ring. In the YKC final he was the top small dog.

  • Oz (OBay Caught Red Handed) made an appearence in the main ring before Best in Show! He did Heelwork to Music along with Mary Ray and Levi (the BC). Oz looked so cute and I was so proud!

  • And let's not forget Andy and Kizzy. Kizzy qualified for two events but was not allowed to compete due to Andy's commitement to judging at Crufts on Sunday. Such a shame but they consider Crufts one show rather than 4 days of individual shows. Instead Kizzy (along with Zeki) got to spend two days at Camp OBay while Andy designed and judged some great Champ courses at Crufts. (Can you name the tri shelties?)-LOL

  • And last but not least, although not a sheltie, congratulations to Johanna and Soda for a great showing in the International Freestyle. Phew that is a tough class and it takes alot of talent and hardwork to compete at that level.

  • I have been asked when I will be getting some videos of the pups training back on the blog. Hopefully I will get it on tonight or tomorrow. Both Zaz and Itzy are doing great and training can really get going now that we have had good weather!


    Hudsondoglets said...

    ZenItZaZeKizzy - group name :o)

    Thanks for looking after our little girls and Poppy. For the benefit of Obay Blog readers, ours are the bookends but you can guess yourselves which is which :o)

    We first saw this picture on Facebook whilst up at Crufts. I asked Andy which was his dog. He looked affronted and replied that it was perfectly obvious: the one with the "aura". He picked her straight out. When I asked him to pick out Zeki, he picked Zaz. Stupid boy!

    Hooch n Troops said...

    FAB FAB FAB....well done to all the Obay shelties...all credit to their breeder!

    Well done to Zen too...and of course to Bernadette! lol


    Christine said...

    OBay Shelties - simply the best ;-)