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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zaz's 1st full course!

Today we went to a practice show as an Olympia warm-up for Zen. I wanted to only do the agility runs with Zen; so I tried Zaz around the simple jumpers (with no weaves) course. I was amazed at how well Zaz handled the new venue and an entire course of 20 obstacles! What a little star. I drank a few mulled wines during the day and have decided that nice warm Mulled wine is a great beverage to keep one warm at a cold agility show!

Here is a little video of Zaz but ignore the sound as for some reason it did not sync and I cannot be arsed to try and download it again. I regret not bringing my actual video camera as I cannot edit the video from my little digital camera with Movie maker. My digital camera only takes video clips in Quicktime and I just cannot seem to get on with the quicktime-pro.

Karen and Yaz also ran the jumpers course even though Karen was convinced that Yaz could not do more than 7 obstacles in a row. Luckily Yaz showed her that she was ready for the big league and I have video proof! I just have to upload it and I am sure Karen will put it on her blog.

Sadly Itzy did not get to come with us today but will go with me tomorrow to different practice show. I decided to spend one day alone with each puppy this weekend. Of course now I do wish I had brought Itzy today so that she could have had a go also. Unfortunately the practice show tomorrow is a little more "official" so Itzy won't get a run. Poor Itz! She showed her opinion of being left home today by howling during the X-factor semi-finals.


Chris and Ricky said...

Wow - congratulations on Zaz's run on her first full course! She did great!!!

Itz's howling is spectacular - she may not have gotten to do agility but she wins for best singing voice - LOL!

Jo said...

Wow Zaz, another budding star in the making, brilliant run.

Itz's singing was pretty good, perhaps she would prefer to be a pop star eh!

Diana said...

Great run for Zaz! Poor Itz, we feel your pain. Lol Diana

Dave said...

Brilliant! Love itz's singing - perhaps she would prefer a bit of Strictly Doggy Dancing :)

Good luck at Olympia!

Hudsondoglets said...

Zaz and Yazz were great. It made me nervous running my 'highly experienced' Zeki after those two ;o)

Itz, I can sympathise. Some of the singing was pretty dire!

Anonymous said...


What a great and harmonic run of Zaz.
I really like how you train especailly the harmonic team work instead of going to start with technical difficult parts.
I often have seen it in the beginner training in germany and as a result you see teams were the "feeling for the team partner" is missing.

Merry Chrismas !


Karen said...


Mary-Anne said...

Nice job, little Zaz!

That's some VERY talented singing from Itz - you should put it on cue :).

I miss having a "singer"...Bryce does it sometimes when he feels "unloved" or he really, really needs to go out, but the instant you give him any attention he stops.

Christine said...

Great vids, Zaz is looking fab and poor Itzs - did her favourite win? ;-)

Lian said...

Love Itsz's singing! So cute!

Serena said...

Awww, what a lovely run Zaz made! and poor Itzy, my little Eluane feeeels your paaaaain, LOL! oh, to be left behind! Eluane wouldn't stand for it either! She cries, groans and moans when other dogs are allowed to run and she has to wait. Itzy and Eluane would make perfect drama queens/princesses wouldn't they, hee-hee!

Bernadette, Itzy is soooo cute!