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Monday, December 21, 2009

Some new additions to the household

Well Olympia is over for another year. Zen was fantastic in both her runs; she ran her little socks off over two HUGE courses. I will eventually post the videos but it takes me a few days to be able to watch them!

Meanwhile we have two little additions staying for a little while. Don't worry they are not permanent additions! I have been very careful to keep our little OBay household numbers down so I thought it was time to take in a few rescues for christmas. I have not done fostering for at least 9 years when we used to run the sheltie rescue on Long Island. Back then it seems like we constantly had a foster dog or two living with us and it can get very stressful after awhile. Once I "retired" from sheltie rescue I made the sad decision to not take in anymore fosters. I would support with donations but my own dogs were being neglected and being exposed to alot of disease as I did not have the room to keep them isolated.

Luckily time helps us forget and I offered to take in two rescues last week. I expected to get a little mixed breed and was surprised when the rescue asked me to foster a sheltie! So on Wednesday night I came home with two little foster dogs. Each had their own sad story but I like to forget the sad stories and just help the dogs look to their happy futures. I think dwelling on their past only keeps them down and they need to be happy now.

Meet Shimmer (the sheltie) and Tickle (shitzu x JRT)

Shimmer is only 10 months old. He was badly matted and did not smell very nice when he arrived.

After a bath and a few hours of grooming! Shimmer is a beautiful boy and needs a home. You can contact Many Tears Rescue for an application or for more information.

Tickle is a tiny shitzu x JRT. She is 14 months old and absolutely adorable. She loves to lie on the back of the sofa like a cat. Tickle is also needs a home and you can contact Many Tears Rescue.

Isn't she adorable?


Jo said...

Bernadette you are so kind taking in foster dogs. Shimmer looks lovely after his bath and groom. The JRX Shitsu is just beautiful as well. Just hope they are both well behaved over the Xmas, and get on well with your own dogs.

Sassie said...

I have no idea what the theatrical animal training world is like in the UK, but if there are any reputable theatrical animal trainers, you might want to send them pics of Tickle. She's got such a great look for the industry, and at least around here, animal actors have a pretty good life.

Anonymous said...

Hello !

It is a nice extra gift to the foster dogs that they have a warm and loving christmas with you.
Shimmer is really a nice guy, he sure surely will find soon a new loving home. The "sofa" decoration will also find her way to someones heart.
I have also a little christmas wish:
Please PLEASE let us see the viedeos of the olympias runs.

A merry Christmas and a blessed, helathy and lucly new year to you, your familiy and all of the dogs !!!


Christine said...

Hope they get their ideal home soon...

Jo Ann said...

It's absolutely wonderful for you to take them in at this time of year in particular, when the last thing most people would want is two extra dogs around whose behaviour is unknown.

They are both young, small and attractive so I'm sure they will find their perfect permanent homes soon.

Merry Christmas and much continued success to you in 2010!

Jo Ann