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Monday, October 19, 2009

Zaz and Itz Training Oct 2009

I haven't said too much about Zaz and Itz's training lately. Mostly because it is only just starting to come all together now and we can begin focus on obstacles. The pups are now nearly 11 months old and I feel that they are mature enough mentally and physically to do most obstacles fully. The only two agility obstacles that we will be waiting on will be the A-Frame and the Weaves.

I have struggled to find appropriate classes for the pups especially as I need TWO classes. Thankfully Nandy has put on a puppy class that is just fabulous for Zaz and I have found a local class (with all small dogs!) for Itz. Now I am a happy trainer!

While I mostly train on my own; the pups do need to get to places to experience other dogs running and get on other equipment. And it is just nice to socialize and see how other people are training. On the other hand I am so protective of my two little girls and worry about them getting hurt by out of control big dogs; so classes scare me also! How many times have I heard about a dog getting bowled down by another dog during class and it either ruins the dogs enthusiasm for agility or damages it physically. I am lucky that so far all the dogs in my classes seem friendly and calm. Itz is probably the one most likely to chase at this point!

So the next few months are going to be focusing on the pup's training. It is a very exciting time to watch them each develop and show their potential. Watch this space!


Diana said...

Love the tunnel picture, very cool. Diana

Lian said...

Love the photo of Zazzer coming out from the tunnel, look like she is flying!

Karen said...

Brilliant pictures, but Lian I have to point out that it is most definately Itzy coming out of the tunnel :-))) sorry !! xxx

Christine said...

Looking fab :-)