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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been going through old photos that I brought back from our New York house. Dennis has scanned some for me (the old days of non-digital!) We have some changes going on right now and it makes me want to look back at happy days.

I thought it fitting to start with the above photo of Joy taken at Liberty State Park with the Twin Towers behind her. Those were the pre-agility days when I would spend my time at breed and obedience shows. I always loved the show at Liberty State Park because the obedience was inside and the breed show outside. Joy was the greatest dog to show in both breed and obedience as she was up for anything. I still miss her...

My best New York training buddies had golden retrievers. I love this photo of a very young Pax with Viva, Bounty and Teddy. The funny thing is that, for no reason, Pax (as only Pax could do) took a huge dislike to all Golden retrievers! But you couldn't tell that from this happy photo. I think it was taken during the time that Pax had begun to suffer from seizures and I thought I would lose her. Thank God she is still with us 12 years later.

This was the England-four. These were the 4 dogs we orginally brought over to England with us. It was an exciting yet scary time and I am glad we made the leap. Monty had just joined our household around that time and almost returned him to his breeder instead of bringing him over to England. I bought Monty when he was 1.5 years old and had only had him for a few months when we decided to come to England. I thought his breeder would want him back instead of letting him go to another country where she would lose the chance to breed from him. I was in the process of turning him over when I just broke down in tears and told her I really wanted to keep him. She went into tears and said she really wanted me to have him but thought I did not want him. So we both cried and luckily I was able to take him to England with me. Without Monty I would not have Zen nor her gorgeous pups Zaz and Itz. I think I made the right choice in bringing Monty along!


Ann Marie (Teddy's Mom) said...

I didn't need those tears first thing this morning. But then again I remember YOUR tears on that last drive to Springfield when you told me you were leaving. Thankfully we have tons of HAPPY memories....

Marianne said...

We have just read your writing about how you got Monty with you to UK - and we're so happy, that we now are Monty's step-mom and dad. He is a wonderful old man, and he is having so much fun with his 2 sons in our house.
Love from
Bent & Marianne

Anonymous said...

Hello, If I could understand your text it is Monty in the pictur.
I have a Monty puppy, an they a so like eath other in the face.
I have never meet Monty. We live in Sweden.
My puppy is a crazy one, and I love him soo. He is 19 month now.