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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Girl Power pups at 3 weeks old

Tomorrow (christmas day) the pups will be three weeks old. They are quite a noisy bunch; they make alot of grrrrr grrrr noises when they are playing with each other. We added the pen around the whelping box now so that they can start to roll down the ramp and be more active. This is what the pen starts to look like but it changes as they get older and we add more toys.

We have also begun bringing out all the talking, ringing and buzzing toys that we collect during the year. Some last for a few litters and others burn out when the pups decide they are fun to wee on.

Today was their first encounter of these toys. Pork Chop and Chubsy Wubsy are the more advanced of the four; I think just due to their sizes. Itsy Bitsy and Cutie Pie seem to be a little less developed. This is typical and they will catch up soon. From watching litters of other breeds; I have noticed that shelties (or maybe just my shelties) seem to develop slower and are infants for much longer.

Here is Pork Chop on the electric piano. She has the one handed technique.

Chubsy Wubsy likes to play the synthesizer side of the electric piano.

Chubsy Wubsy is definitely the poser of the crew right now.

Here is a silly video of Pork Chop on the Speak and Spell. Yes at the end she does say "Dog" followed by "square". I wonder what the meaning of that is?


Natalie said...

Ahh they look more gorgeous every time you post! :) xx

Johanna said...

YUMMY. So adorable :o) I WANT ONE.

Emma said...

They are absolutely gorgeous - who wouldn't want one :-)

Thank you for posting the great photos and videos - love reading and seeing them grow!


Diana said...

The are just to cute. It must be so much fun (and work) to have them around. Diana

Hooch and troops said...

Go girl power..loved the video of the speak and spell! hee hee i wonder what they were trying to spell!!!

Happy Xmas Girls :)