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Sunday, December 14, 2008

4 Little Blessings

One week ago Zen presented me with four little blessings. My first all-girl sheltie litter. This special litter was brought about only through a little help from my friends and much praying.

Whichever pup decides to stay here with us...she will never be Hex. She may be better, she may be worse...but she will certainly be different. She will be her own individual unique little "person" and that will be just fine with me.


Emma said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Great to hear your news - look forward to seeing them grow over the next few weeks and to hearing their stories.

Emma x

Mary-Anne, Bryce Jayda and Raven said...

Isn't she adorable!

Zen gave you 4 girls because she wanted to see you smile again.

Welcome back.

Shannalee, Akadia Shelties said...

OH,, just darling. Congrats. I am so happy for you.
Merry Christmas to YOU!

leah gardner said...

I am so pleased for you! Hope to see you soon. Lots of love Leah, Jay and the dogs x

Paula said...

I'm so pleased for you and looking forward to seeing you again.

As you say will never be Hex but her own little girl.

Angela said...

Merry Christmas. Great to hear your stories again. xx

Cedarfield said...

Congratulations and very happy to see you back on the blogosphere :-)

Sharon said...

Congratulations, great news. I really hope you will still update your blog with their progress as I loved reading your litle stories about their adventures each week.
Take Care
Shaz & merlies xxx

Christine said...

Ohhh, how cute. Zev sends his new sisters big licks. So very pleased that you have some joy again.

Kristin said...

Congratulations! It's great to hear the news. I look forward to hearing about them.
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Great News !
Congratulation and best wishes for all of them.
May a guardiand angel always guide them.

Thanks ZEN for new hope (not new Hex) !

Welcome back to the blog !
We love to hear fo, you !


Brittany said...

I'm happy Zen and her babies are there to help you get through this hard time. I hope your new little one brings you more happiness!

Brittany and the Shelties

Anonymous said...

So thrilled to hear the wonderful news.
Our love goes to you all.
Elizabeth, Antony and ziga.
Hugs and kisses for his new sisters.

Shetla said...

Glorious news!

Hudsondoglets said...

"Truly Beautiful" little angels sent from heaven to bring you a wonderful Christmas and more.

Love from
Andy & Nancy

Sara Davies said...

I am very pleased to hear you have something new and exciting to focus on.

Please please keep us informed of the puppies' progess on your blog - I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been missing your posts.

Sara Davies

Karen said...

I am so pleased that you have been blessed with these little angels, much love karen and all the gang especially Todd ster xxxx

Christy said...

Congrats on the little ones. They sound wonderful. I look forward to reading about their adventures.
Merry Christmas!

Hooch and troops said...

Congratulations..well done Zen - they are going to be georgous..cant wait for more piccies

Happy Christmas

Diana said...

Congratulations!! Nothing like puppies to bring smiles to our faces. Im looking forward to all the puppy pictures. Diana

Emmy said...

I wish you and your new little girl a bright future together.
Best of luck to all the pups.
I look forward to follow the blog and hear news about them.
Love Emmy

Lorna said...

That is fab news :) I look forward to hearing more about the pups :)

Lorna and woofs from Cadders xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulate Zen on the beautiful litter (well, I'm assuming the other three are as lovely as the one in the picture)!

Glad to see you back!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all,great news looking foward to seeing and hearing all your puppy news.
Merry christmas lots of love Ann and all the Hennessy gang xx

Jo Ann said...

That's so fantastic, congratulations and keep us updated!! Are they all tris? (Not knowing the father's colour)...

They will all be their own personalities but I hope there is one in there that speaks to you in her very own special way.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your four new lives..

Jo Ann & the Whitegates Gang