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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The next wave of Monty pups in agility!

I have stolen this video from Johanna's blog cause it is the first time I have seen a Monty pup from another litter (other than mine) do agility. Monty is Zen's sire. I used him here in England to produce Zen and then he went over to Denmark to work with Johanna. Luckily some good sheltie breeders have been using him over there and Spirit is from the next group of puppies to be hitting the agility rings.
I believe this was Spirit's first agility show.

I love how Susanne takes the time to praise Spirit and make the run a happy experience for him.


Lian said...

What a smashing pup!! Soon will be on the World Team!!

Nanna Holt Kjær (Shetla) said...

Ah, but the current rules as far as I know is that handlers are only allowed to have one dog on our national team; and my money is on Unique. Susanne's other sheltie and an OBay maniac ;-) He is so super fast, it is unbelievable.

Nanna, Denmark