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Friday, February 22, 2008

Agility Training 22 Feb 2008

Have you guessed that Dennis is away? This is my third post today and I still have another post to do later! So it will be 4 blog posts today! And I did train my dogs, clean the house and take Zen on her daily pregger walk.

Lisa came by this morning with her mother Julia. As you saw in the post below; Julia ran a few sequences with Billy and did really well! I also let her run my old girl Pax over the same sequence. The oldies, Pax and Billy, were so happy to run! Julia is a natural; never did agility herself before but just watched Lisa a few times. I think it goes back to the fact that she used to ride horses.

After Julia left, Lisa came back with Chi to do some more training. I still had the course up that Andy and Nancy helped me set last week. Let me tell you that Andy is a fantastic setter-upper of courses! He does it so much quicker than us girls; it must be his architect training. I am rubbish at setting courses; it just takes me ages.

Anyway, this was the course that Nancy picked out from the Feb issue of Clean run. It was the black numbers of "nested courses" page. We just replaced the long jump with the wall jump as we needed to practice wall jumps for Crufts.

And here is the video of Hex and Chi running this course.


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

O Yes! We are all soooo ready for Crufts now - bring it on!!! :)

Sarah and Leslie said...

Ooooh like the send on through the weaves with Hex! Nice course

Karla said...

Hi!!! Can anyone help me... I´ve a sheltie but he is very distracted in the field what can i do to change this behaviour