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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hex at today's agility show to music!

Today we went to an unaffiliated (non-kennel club) agility show. I am going to try to put some videos on the blog. First starting with little wicked Hex. We are just starting out in her agility career but she is already so much fun to run. I am looking forward to our first season together starting in March. The runs are far from perfect (of course her PERFECT run was her jumpers run which wasn't videoed!) but I was so happy with her attitude and effort.

I was suprised at her hesitation at the bottom of the first dog walk (first run of the day) as she usually is fast to the bottom. But it does show that she needs some proofing. I also misread which way she would turn at the end of the second run but that is both our faults. She ended up in first place in both starters agility and jumping out of 63 small dogs. Not too shabby.


Andy, Nancy & Harvey's Best (aka Kizzy) said...

Hex is looking really good. Well done on today's results.

karen said...

She is looking just fab. karen