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Monday, October 16, 2006

Puppy Fever

This is a silly photo of Hex and Zen doing their "shame on you" trick. How cute are they?

Zen continues to grow big and I am having visions of a large litter of Zen-like puppies taking over the house! Zen was the most perfect puppy (almost as perfect as Hex) so I can't wait. :-)

I am in MY nesting phase and most breeders will understand what I mean....I have cleaned the house, organized things that needed organizing and dusted off the whelping box! The whelping box is in our living room next to a nice comfy couch and the TV. At least something to do while we wait and worry. So we are getting prepared for the big day and, ironically, Bonfire Night (5th November) is Zen's first due date. Luckily no big fireworks displays will be going on near us and we do not have too many close neighbors. Even better, the closest neighbors have decided to cancel their display this year. That was a big relief but we still may have to deal with some fireworks from across the road. I can only hope Zen is not bothered too much.

I have pulled out all the books to have on hands, as well as all my puppy notes from the past 15 years of breeding. It helps to look back and see what I had written during each whelping. It is something I was taught to do from very experienced breeders and I am glad I listened. When you only breed once every 2 years or so, it is amazing what you forget! I also picked up some new books. They are "Canine Reproduction and Whelping" and "Puppy Intensive Care" by Myra Savant-Harris R.N. They look to be very detailed and I am looking forward to reading thru them over the next week.

We are starting to think of names and maybe going with a theme based on Tazz's registered name (Toven Catch Me If You Can). So far I have come up with these possibilities:

OBay Caught Ur Attention
OBay Caught U Looking
OBay Caught U By Surprise
OBay Caught Speeding
OBay Caught Red Handed
OBay Caught In The Act
OBay Catch A Wave
OBay Catch a Rising Star

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated! I would also like the call names to have "Z" for the first letter. Zest, Zing, Zip, Zoom (Johanna wants that one saved for her!) Zowee ect. I cannot figure out a way to combine the registered names with the call names though. Oh well, all this may change by tomorrow!


Lian said...

I got all excited when I read this, puppies from Zen!

What about Zac?

Lian said...

Or Zep? Zippy?